ERS World Road – original pics

World Road were part of the original ERS rollout pack around ’88/’89.
Original ERS Reeboks did not have the midsole angular detail seen on the ERS 2000’s.

I owned a pair back in the day, and they were pretty outrageous then.
Red, white, silver – and with the quadruple ERS tubes and ENERGY RETURN SYSTEM written boldly across the midsole, were highly noticed.

Pics via Crooked Tongues forum member fetish4design.

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  1. Initially the world trainer was the top end training shoe, the ers trainer the cheaper training shoe and the world trainer the light weight shoe, then aftert the world ers (or ers5000) was put above the world trainer

  2. Late 88/early 89 from memory. Great shoe.

  3. Please bring back the Silver/Red World Road. Probably my favourite trainer.

  4. Yes, bring it back, I want it BAD, awesome shoes