4 new GL 6000 colourways

Some very very nice variations on the re-issued GL 6000, which has had a near-overwhelming number of colourways released in the last year or so. 1st colourway (above) is in a very summery Blue/Yellow – I’m aware that not everyone will be feeling these so much, but they remind me of original 80’s Royales, *grin*.

The second pairing are shown at FreshNGood (c/o the Crooked Tongues forum again) and appear to be in Reeboks’ Spring/Summer releases. Really like how they’ve emphasised the mid/upper wraparounds – although it appears the versions shown below may not be released ‘as is’ –

Finally, the following is available at Sneakersnstuff – a U.S. site, and no your eyes aren’t deceiving you – these aren’t exactly the same as another 6000 colourway currently available in the UK, though they are rather similiar.

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