90’s Reeboks


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World E.R.S. (Year TBC)

World Trainer (Year TBC)

E.R.S. Trainer (aka ERS 1000?) (Year TBC)

World Road ‘II’ (Year TBC)

ERS Marathon Racer

Mentor II

Pump® Twilight Zone
Successor to the first Pump (1989) – featured pump release mechanism on the tongue, and ERS.

Pump® Omni Zone (reissue shown)
The First Pump shoe in Mens and Womens sizes (1989) – and the last to feature ERS.

Pump® Court Victory (reissue shown)
The First Pump shoe to use Hexalite, endorsed and worn by Tennis star Michael Chang.

Pump II Hi

Pump® Aerobic Light (reissue shown)
Womens-only Pump successor to the massively succesful Freestyle. Featured Hexalite.

AXT Mens

AXT Womens
Featured ERS (the Mens’ equivalent appears to not feature ERS!)

AXT 2000

Synergy HXL

Mentor HXL

Mantis ERS

Mantra HXL – Mens
Retro’d since 1990 as the ‘Classic Sole’

Mantra HXL – Womens

Avenger (Tennis) – Womens

Deuce (Tennis) – Womens

Performa ERS Tennis – Mens

Performa ERS Tennis – Womens

Impulse (Tennis)

Club Player (Tennis)

Pump® AXT
Cross-training Shoe, featured Hexalite.

Pump® SXT
Cross-training Shoe, featured Hexalite and the Stability Bar.

CXT Pump
Image c/o DefyNewYork

CXT Plus Mid

Reverse Jam

VolleyTech Mid
No further info / no better image available

Image c/o DefyNewYork

DL5000 Tennis  (maybe U.S. only)
(Year TBC)

Pump® DL (Mens)
Non-signature Tennis shoe, featuring dual Hexalite, Pump and Goodyear Indy 500 sole.

Pump® DL (Womens)

Questor ERS – Mens
This shoe may also be known as the ERS 2000, however the Questor has a different midsole pattern.

Questor ERS – Womens

Strobe ERS – Mens

Strobe ERS – Womens

Maxim HXL – Mens

Maxim HXL – Mens

Shoe TBC Trek HXL

Phase III (re-issues shown)
(Year TBC)

Phase IV
(Year TBC)

Tech Walker™
(Year TBC)

6000 Aerobic Pro
(Year TBC)

(Year TBC)

Arcadia (Womens shown)



Reebok SXT Pump II
Featured Pump AND ERS technology. Image c/o DefyNewYork

Pump® Running Dual (reissue shown in OG colourway)
First running shoe featuring Pump technology – bladders around the collar and under the foot arch. Featured Hexalite and a Goodyear Indy 500 sole.

Pump® Walking
Featured Energaire and Hexalite technology. Women-only shoe.

Comfort I
Featured Energaire and Hexalite technology. Women-only Walking/casual shoe.

Pump® Omni Zone II (reissue shown)
Featuring an improved Tongue system.

Pump® Omni Lite
Mid-cut shoe, nearly identical to Omni Zone II except for printed logos, improved stability system and leather collar.

Club Pump® 
High-cut Tennis shoe, featured Hexalite and Goodyear Indy 500 sole.

Pump®  Court Victory II
Featured Hexalite, Goodyear Indy 500 sole and once again endorsed and worn by Michael Chang.

Inferno ’91
Image c/o DefyNewYork



Strobe ERS
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Trek 2 HXL
(Year TBC)

Harrier Spike
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Image c/o DefyNewYork

Image c/o DefyNewYork

Racer X
Image c/o DefyNewYork

The Pump® Above the Rim
Featuring a new dual-channel Pump system, and Hexalite.


Above the Rim
Non-Pump version of the shoe above.

Reebok Above The Rim

Classic Jam
Follow up shoe to the Reverse Jam. As featured in the movie ‘White Men Can’t Jump’
—OG Image to be sourced—



Rapide II
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Etoile (Womens)
Image c/o DefyNewYork


Royale II
Image c/o DefyNewYork


Royale III (??)
Year TBC

Inferno ’93
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Image c/o DefyNewYork

Corrado (Womens)
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Pump® Shaq Attaq
Endorsed by Shaquille O’Neill, featured Hexalite technology.

ERS Al Ternator 
Features 3 moulded ERS tubes on the sole



InstaPump® Fury
One of Reeboks most advanced shoes – featured a laceless Pump upper, Hexalite cushioning and GraphLite arc bridge. The original Insta Pump system could be filled manually, or with a unique Reebok CO² cartridge. Additionally OG Pump Furys’ are recognisable with the 3-part hexalite window in the heel, and the minimal toecap overlays.

Telos – environmentally produced Trail Boot
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Ventilator Supreme
(Year TBC)

Phase V
(Year TBC)

Royale IV?
Year TBC

Royale V?
1994 (TBC)

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  1. Keep up the good work on the site! Damn i’d love a reissue of those world ERS models!

  2. Thanks dude, yeah me too – don’t forget there are still ERS 2000’s reissues kicking around, but maybe not close enough? 😉

  3. hey dude

    I have an og pair of ERS 2000 from 91, will un-ds them this weekend and send you some flicks if you like


  4. Hey man, yeah that’d be sweet! Retrobok needs more contributions.
    Look forward to seeing the pics 😀

  5. Hi BokOne, Great work on getting these hall of fame walls up. Those CXT’s are actually CXT Ultra’s… I managed to pick up a deadstock pair on ebay a month or so back. The finest Reeboks ever made. I have to say I reckon the ERS and Pumps were Reebok’s finest hour.

  6. Thanks Peter – updated!

  7. pump atr known as d time pump, was dee browns signature shoe. model shown was rereleased for 20 year anniversary with only 1993 pairs being made.

  8. Thanks Lachi — which model do you mean?

  9. А lot of missing models and a lot of miss named ones above, but kudos for the effort.

  10. oh sorry it took me so long to answer. I was referring to the pump “above the rim”. also it was the fifteen year anniversary not twentieth, my mistake

  11. Feel free to provide corrections/additions.

  12. Excellent stuff! Pretty sure I used to have those listed as “Trek HXL” here, although they are clearly an E.R.S. model …

  13. I happen to still have one of those Reebok Magazines introducing the PUMP. They also list the Mentor II and Mantra and it’s from 1990. If you bought a Pump between September 1st and October 31st you got a free Pump baseball cap with your purchase 😀

  14. I designed the CXT Pump and CXT Ultra.

  15. Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This sort of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve you guys to our blogroll.

  16. I have some pictures of Blacktops from the ’90s somewhere. I’d be happy to send them on if you’re interested.

  17. Yes please Phil, all contributions gratefully accepted. Retrobok@hotmail.co.uk

  18. Hi. Im having trouble finding a model of women’s hexalites anywhere on the internet! The style code is 2-7756….. R20l HSl any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again. U can contact me at BLOCKPARTYVINTAGE@gmail.com can provide pictures

  19. Does anyone know the name of the company and basketball shoe that came out in the late 1980’s-early 1990’s that had a metal spring that would supposedly help you jump higher? I remember it was more of a expensive gimmick.

  20. Hello sir,

    I got a pair of reebok but didn’t recognized the model.
    Can you help me to check out?

    RA401 KMJ
    Made in Indonesia.


  21. fath@sensorlink.com.my

    Nevermind, just found the model. Its rapide 90’s.


  22. looking for name of reebok ladies sling back trainer zip fronted from the mid 90s .

  23. Sorry Lesley, really don’t know what that could be. Good luck with your search though 🙂

  24. Hello!

    Do you know name of this model?


    I´ve seen similar named interval but not with this colour scheme


  25. Wow, amazing rare shoe – I don’t know the name sorry, although it looks similar to some of the later Ventilator Supremes. The branding is later, so mabe mid to late 90’s. Sorry I can’t help more.

  26. Any info on a 1990s hexalite reebok hiking boot. Tag says
    R21 1 HSI

  27. Matthew J Voiles

    I’m looking for a pair of Reebok’s that came out around 1997 or 1998. They were an all white pair of Reebok classics, but the soles were clear and had a jagged saw like traction. The coolest part was that the toe was the same color of the Iverson Questions. It was like a mix of old school Classics and the very 1st Reebok Questions. I think I bought them at Sports Authority and I haven’t seen them for sale ever since. I still have the pair and I would really like to know what they called so I could try to track them down. They also came in white and Red just like the Questions.

    Any ideas?

  28. The first help I can provide is that a jagged sole is likely to be called a ‘ripple’ sole, and clear are usually titled ‘ice’. I’m not familiar with this shoe at all, but keep Googling those definitions may help you find them – good luck 🙂

  29. Need to find soccer shoes I had 1995 pump would enjoy to have that pair back help me find them

  30. Hi
    I need your help please…
    I had Reebok shoes around year of 1999 and I don’t know what model is it
    I asked to Reebok USA for name of it and they don’t know
    I have been searching it around 5 years, but I failed
    Could you help me to know what is it name please?
    Attached link of image

    Thanks in advance

    Juan Cruz

  31. Hello all
    Does anyone know name of these sneakers?
    I’ve searched on several places and nothing
    I bought them around 1999-2001
    If somebody can help me I’ll appreciate so much

    Attached link

  32. Sorry Juan, it’s hard to see from that photo – they don’t look familiar to me :/ If you can find any more photos please share.

  33. loved looking at the old shoes that I was rocking in middle and high school. One note is that the Alternator ERS listed for 1993 was actually 1989-90. It was part of the “Blacktop Legends” (or something like that) line. My buddy had the Money’s and I had “Showtimes” for 8th grade hoops. Also missing are the famous Dee Brown ATR’s from 1992 or 1993 that had on the heel tab a logo of the “blindfold” dunk where Brown covered his eyes on the Slam Dunk Contest winning dunk.

  34. loved looking at the old shoes that I was rocking all through middle and high school. One note is that the Alternator ERS listed for 1993 was actually 1989-90. It was part of the “Blacktop Legends” (or something like that) line. My buddy had the Money’s and I had “Showtime’s” for 8th grade hoops (they didn’t have Alternators in my size). Also missing are the famous Dee Brown ATR’s from 1992 or 1993 that had on the heel tab a logo of the “blindfold” dunk where Brown covered his eyes on the Slam Dunk Contest winning dunk.

  35. I found this page as I was looking for the Graphlite trainer I had in 1992. It was the shoe released as a part o the ill-fated “Dan and Dave” Olympics campaign. I haven’t been able to find any images but I remember a white leather shoe with purple and a black upper with white specs.

  36. The Money ERS hightop was released in 1989. It was a part of the “Blacktop Legends” campaign (or something like that). Also released with them was the Showtime and the Alternator (which you have listed as 1993). I wanted the Money’s but couldn’t find them in my size, so for 8th grade basketball in 1989-90 my buddy had the Money’s, I had Showtime’s and another buddy had the Alternators. Money had the visible ERS tubes, Showtime and Alternator had foam molding over the tubes. This campaign led to the “Blacktop” series with an extra durable sole for playing on blacktop, as Reebok was a sponsor of the Gus Macker 3-on-3 streetball tourney (I got a lot of free Reeboks from working that!).

  37. Thanks Someone, this list is out of date and will be updated in due course. Many shoes missing no doubt!