Monthly Archives: October 2011

Reebok CL Nylon Blue/White/Orange

There’s something about the CL Nylons that are tempting to us retro-Reebok heads: cheap as chips, no-nonsense, come in a myriad of retro colourways, and carry a very-80’s silhouette too. Especially when they rock a single-density midsole….
Here’s a fresh and honest pair available currently at my local

Paris Runner – Black/R Grey/Blue Blank/White

Pretty fresh colours on these Paris Runners, just appearing on the U.S. SNS website. Whilst they appear to be Mens, I can’t help thinking the Duck-Egg blue may be a bit feminine for many. Still, the texture detail on the silver/grey uppers gives these a bit of edge.

Phase III Runners – Blue/Navy/Green/Steel/White/Black

Interesting colourway on these – just appeared over at Crooked Tongues.
About time I added some Phase III’s to my collection…