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Top 10 – Retro Reebok innovations

Reebok have had their share of successes and failures when it comes to shoe innovation. Here’s a list of 10 of their most interesting retro innovations (as this is Retrobok, ZigTech is not included). Read on…

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ERS & Hexalite – born in the USA?

Just found this fascinating article interviewing the legendary Paul (‘The Pump“) Litchfield back in 2010, where he talks about  ERS (Energy Return System™) and Hexalite™ technologies. What this means is that ERS and Hexalite technologies were born in the USA?… given the genius of The Pump, I don’t doubt it.
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Bought – Pump Running Dual : 20th Anniversary Edition, Light Grey/Aqua

Added these to my collection at  Christmas – a really unique colourway and surprisingly lightweight breathable ‘runner’, considering they have suede uppers. Not entirely sure the Pump systems on the sides of each shoe do a great deal – but as far as aesthetics go, I love them. Particularly the plastic placket detail connecting the midsole to the 2nd laceholes.

Retrobok Poll 1: To Zig or not to Zig?

WHAT THE?!! No.2: Classic Zig Boot / ZigNano


Designed as a running platform, I can’t help feeling that Reebok are really losing their way with ZigTech….
Each pic links to their respective  shops/locations.

Paris Runners – more colourways spotted in Europe

I regularly check out the various global Reebok websites for interesting releases (the Hong Kong only GL6000 colourway was one spot), and spotted these over at the Belgian site. (More …)
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‘World Best’ re-release!

I’m very excited to see these – just appeared in a variety of colourways on various Blogs, with the Yellow colourway available over at Crooked Tongues – it shows Reebok still recognises it’s 80’s runners and influences as viable releases. More pictures after the jump …
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