3 x more Classic Nylons, Stateside!

3 x interesting new colourways of the always cheap as chips CL Nylons I just spotted over at American Eagle outfitters (US). Really rather like this light grey/blue combo with the silver heel tab and the ‘inverted’ side logo colours. More pics? This way please….

This ‘pack’ – if you could call it that – includes another 2 colourways I really wasn’t sure about on first sight – but actually, they’ve rather grown on me. The dark grey has a technical, sombre feel – and uniquely out of the 3, split-colour Reebok logos on the sides and tongue as well as a mesh upper, unlike the smooth nylon of the other 2.

The dark green/black/white I really wasn’t feeling when I first saw them – but they’re rather unique in their own way, suitable for people who rock more earthy tones maybe.

I don’t think it’s my Photoshopping but these Greens appear to have a weathered midsole – take a look by clicking on the relevant image to jump directly to the pages.

~ BokOne


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  1. there should be more sites like yours on the net! glad to have come across your website

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