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Alien Stomper Field-Guide

Possibly the most exhaustive (and exhausting) Field-Guide that will grace Retroboks’ pages.
Are you ready, soldier?
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Paris Runners – Primo White / Malibu Blue

Another couple of PR colourways I’ve not seen before – apologies to get anyones’ hopes up as these are literally last pairs and may well be gone by the time you read this, but nice enough eye candy to post up. For a moment I did wonder if they were Womens’ due to their pastel colours but it appears they are Mens. Hit the jump to see the other and for the site links.

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GL 6000 Field-Guide

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GL 6500 Limited Edition (circa 2001)

Preparing the GL 6000 field-guide, I spotted these 6500’s on an auction site in the Phillipines (the auction has expired incidentally). First impressions suggest these were released alongside the poorly executed GL6000’s and LX8500 re-releases in about 2001.

More pics and waffle after the jump.
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Dropped! 15 x Workout Plus 25th Anniversary models, Videos

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Reebok Workout Plus, Reebok commisioned 15 international sneaker stores to create unique versions of the legendary shoe. These include the likes of Atmos, Beatnic, Mita, Patta, SNS, Foot Patrol and Solebox. Each store is reputedly stocking all 15 of the anniversary models and were released on February 15th 2012.
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More Reebok ‘World ….’

Don’t panic!

This abomination isn’t real, well not quite anyway. Just spotted these 2 forthcoming colourways over at  I don’t know which is worse – the fact that they’re a pre-order budget Reebok at a huge £34.99 with uninspiring/unsubtle colourways, or the fact that these bear the legendary ‘World‘ name.  Ladies and Gentlemen: behold the Reebok World Mile. On the upside, this led me to spot the more appealing ‘Record Mile‘ – spotted over at DrJays in 2 far more palatable colourways. This also means thankfully, the naming connection here is Mile, not World.

But Reebok, you’ve got to do some of your more historical names justice.

Some of us notice.


Fake Reebok sites: Beware/Behold

Perhaps it’s a dangerous thing showcasing what clearly appear to be fake websites selling classic Reeboks. The first sign to a fake sneaker site is the surprising range and availability of rare models/colourways, the second sign is spotting hilarious Chinglish. Whilst Reebok themselves certainly wouldn’t link to these; Retrobok will – for reasons I’ll explain….  Read the rest of this entry

SALE! GL6000, Phase II’s, Paris Runners

Bit slow on this one, but  UK-based have some cheap GL6000’s, Phase II’s, Paris Runners and Pump Running Duals (amongst others) all around the £30 mark.


Adverts & Catalogues – huge update

Many many rare and mysterious Reebok shoes added to the Adverts & Catalogues section. Now featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sigourney Weaver, Miloslav Mecir and … is that Ferris Bueller? Big thanks to Scott @ DefyNewYork for allowing Retrobok to showcase many of his own sourced images. Prepare for a step back in time!

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Happy Birthday Retrobok!

Retrobok is 1 today.

Although it’s been a quiet start  in the first year – as far as visitors are concerned – I will be continually building the site up and make this THE place for people to come for classic Reebok information, latest news, reviews, images etc.. One nice achievement is when Googling for retro Reebok images: Retrobok hosted images are often in the first page of results every time. And coming soon will be the first Retrobok Special Feature on Alien Stompers, as well as a HUGE new find of classic Reebok sneaker ads from the 80’s & 90’s! Please revisit on a regular basis, and get in touch if you can contribute or feed back – Retrobok is a non-profit blog, purely for sharing the love of classic Reeboks. Thanks again for dropping in!
~BokOne – 1st February 2012