Fake Reebok sites: Beware/Behold

Perhaps it’s a dangerous thing showcasing what clearly appear to be fake websites selling classic Reeboks. The first sign to a fake sneaker site is the surprising range and availability of rare models/colourways, the second sign is spotting hilarious Chinglish. Whilst Reebok themselves certainly wouldn’t link to these; Retrobok will – for reasons I’ll explain…. 

On the one hand: BEWARE, these sites will either be selling poorly made counterfeits, or illegally syphoning off production from official lines. Worse, they could be criminal gangs ready to empty the entire contents of your credit card.

On the other hand : BEHOLD – we see rarer colourways and models we perhaps always dreamed about, as well as some more curious colourways which officially never existed. If you order any, and they arrive a few months later smelling of paint then you’ve been had.

Whichever way it is, and speaking from personal experience with some fake Nikes’ a few years back – look but don’t touch. And that’s Retroboks’ official line on this.



Apparently offering those terrible re-issues of the LX 8500 from early 2000’s, as well as 23 (yes, that’s twenty-three) colourways of Classic Nylons, a surprising number of rare ERS, and a handful of 6000’s. The Chinglish on the homepage is particularly amusing too.


Aimed a little more squarely at American consumers, judging by their offerings – Reebokeshoes.com are even more laughable, proferring the most clearly photoshopped colourways of sneakers I’ve ever seen – but selling Ugg boots on a slightly official looking’Reebok’ site sends alarm bells ringing.

Footnote – If you’ve found more examples of fake Reeboks sites, please send me a link.

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