GL 6500 Limited Edition (circa 2001)

Preparing the GL 6000 field-guide, I spotted these 6500’s on an auction site in the Phillipines (the auction has expired incidentally). First impressions suggest these were released alongside the poorly executed GL6000’s and LX8500 re-releases in about 2001.

More pics and waffle after the jump.

The closed auction can be found here (click the View Inactive Advertisement link) –

Here’s the 2001 GL6000 re-releases for reference – note the similiar dipped GL6000 text on the heel counter, as well as the similiar badly-proportioned Reebok logo on the side of the uppers:

Other 2001 re-release images for reference. I was sent a pair of these blue GL6000’s (thanks bboy86) and they were indeed a very disappointing re-release, I’d go as far to say I don’t believe Reebok made them themselves. Note the inaccurate shapes of the midsole details too:

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