CL Clip Mesh: An editorial dilemma

Spotted these again over at Sarenza (UK), and I thought they are worth a repost (previous post here) – for deeper reasons . Click to read on, and for more pics….

The CL Clip Mesh (available in other colourways – including White of course) contains DNA from the original CL‘s but even cues from the GL6000 with its’ midsole treatments, giving it a more aggressive look. The Union Jack affixed to the heel certainly places it firmly back in the CL‘s area of specialty: minor ‘bling’ details on the familiar shoe so you stay firmly within the pack, but one-up your mates.

For Retrobok, these particular shoes sit at a middle point between Reeboks’ athlete-orientated shoes from the 80’s, and the deluge of ‘pub shoe’ Classic Leather models – that in equal measure tainted Reeboks’ image and earned it’s success. Part of Retroboks‘ unwritten purpose (until now) was to demonstrate that Reebok – especially in the UK – has a richer and more respectable heritage than the notorious Classic Leather – itself the number 1 burglars’ shoe based on official UK Police reports – represents.

So for Retrobok itself, the editorial question posed by these striking Clip Meshes‘ is : “where do we draw the line?”. Personally, the CL and its million derivatives are popular and notorious enough not to deserve further coverage here on Retrobok.

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  1. I personally draw the line at these. Reebok is my favorite brand and i agree, there is so much more to show than the million versions of classics available at budget sports shops throughout the UK. Reeboks 90’s runners like the nylons, ers, ventilators, phase models and the many models of pumps are pure sneaker heaven for me. I try to ignore and dismiss the CL’s, they just don’t do it for me.