Early Reebok & JW Foster Shoes

Retrobok continues to investigate Reeboks‘ history with this gallery of JW Fosters’ and Reeboks’ earliest shoes. From the late 1800’s to the 1960’s they clearly show the craftsmanship and early innovation that helped make Reebok the global success it is today.

1900 – Foster Deluxe Spike

Pre-1924? – Running Pumps
Likely to be pre-1924 as the address does not contain the ‘Olympic Works’ name Foster used, presumably following British athlete successes at the 1924 Olympics.


1931 Cycle Shoes
It’s not immediately clear but these depict the same shoe – the first an illustration, the second a photo.


1936 Cross-Country spikes.
Note list of other Shoe types available in the right hand column


Unknown year – Football (Soccer) Shoes


(1958 – 1971 approx date range) Fab RT Road Racing Shoes
Notice the hand-stitched Reebok logo on the side of the upper, and the Gola-meets-Adidas side stripes. Also reveals a tantalising taste of early Reebok technology with its’ ‘Microcellular sole unit


Finally, miscellaneous clippings: Death of Joe .W. Foster in 1933 / Arthur Wint (main athlete shown) Gold Medal winner in 400m in 1948 Summer Olympics, notice the broad white JW Fosters stripe on the side of the shoes / Upper right image likely from Sarajevo ’84 Summer Olympics.


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