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10,000 x Retrobok

Retrobok hit a milestone with its’ 10,000th visitor on 25th May 2012. Thanks to those of you who have been part of this – please keep dropping in and feeding back! ~BokOne 

WHAT THE?!! No.3: Travel Trainer IV

Spotted over at Sportie LA. I believe the concept for the Travel Trainer is to be highly foldable/packable shoes (remember Nikes’ City Knife?), and I’m quite sure they’re very comfy. But the myriad of clashing shapes, an eye-popping colourway combo and a whiff of the Loafers toe-box really don’t do this any favours.

Biggest range of online Reeboks yet seen?

Retrobok just discovered U.S. site Sportie La which stocks possibly the largest number of Reeboks we’ve seen: approaching 300 pairs listed. Though some of these are out of stock or in limited sizes, there are some fascinating and highly limited edition shoes up for grabs on there. Sportie LA offer international shipping too – just remember US sizes are slightly above UK sizes, ie: UK 9 = US 10.

Click on for more examples – no doubt you’ll find your own favourites on there too. Read the rest of this entry

Swizz Beatz – doing it right?

Retrobok has been watching Swizz Beatz influences on Reebok with interest.

Whilst the Kamikaze III Mid doesn’t have any place here at Retrobok, details on the Kamikaze such as the Reebok Classic tongue stitching are noteable – especially for such a futuristic shoe. He appears to have done something else right too: the image below is of a sample for a revised Shaqnosis – itself one of the worst examples of sneaker design in history. Apparently the sample below has been rejected. Whether its by Swizz himself or Reebok: well done, let’s have some quality with this shit please. Swizz, I hope you drop in occasionally. More info at EUKicks.

80’s Wall of Fame updated

Further updates to the 80’s Wall of Fame: such as the Sydney Maree spike, LC1600, CL1400, ACT 600 and Phase I tennis shoes, Princess, Rapide (alternate colourway)PB 800 spikes… Click image to jump over. Feedback and corrections are always welcomed.

Reebok London pack

Not really setting the Olympic Torch alight with this pack, Reebok. However, the Grey/Red/Blue pair have something about the 1986 London Runner about them – though they’re clearly not a re-issue. Just appeared over at Size? in the UK. [Grey/Red/Blue] – [Dark Navy/Red/White]

(Additional: I spotted a nice design detail on these – the use of the Starcrest on the sole):

Reebok x Betong apparel

More Retrobok-oriented apparel has appeared over at Swedish Caliroots with 5 pieces in collaboration with Swedish tattoo studio Salong Betong. The prints mix the classic Reebok logo with details from the Betong heritage. Nice to see the Starcrest being used prominently too. Each image links directly to its’ product page.

ACT 600 re-issues

Now this is a surprise – the 1985 ACT 600 Tennis shoe has appeared re-issued on UK site Brandosa in both White and Black colourways. It’s hardly the most exciting looking shoe, but no doubt proved a reliable and stable piece of equipment for Tennis Players with finest garment leather uppers and (at the time) a removable custom-moulded cushion insert. Here’s the original ’85 advert (be sure check out the Adverts/Catalogues section here on Retrobok). Click on for more images of the ACT 600.

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ERS Racer Field-Guide

The 3rd in the Retrobok series of Field-Guides: you might be surprised just how many ERS Racer colourways have been released over the years. Very surprised…
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