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Reebok Classic Jogger

A new shoe from what I believe, the Classic Jogger is placed squarely at the budget end of Reeboks’ lineup – quite obvious really, with its’ single density midsole, waffle tread, and simple ‘Reebok’ label on the side of the upper. I think there’s a charm to these – and doing some Googling find there is a plethora of colourways for Men and Women at various global sites > Sport Direct (UK) | CaResteEntreNous (France) | Zappos (US) | Endless (US)


CL Trail Sneaker

Nice work Reebok! – these smack of proper Retrobok style goodness!
Loving the bold use of the Reebok logo on the midsole, the thick hiking-style lacing, and the adventurous colourways. They’ve got some pretty brutal soles too, worth a good check out over at American Eagle Outfitters though sadly AEO state ‘Only ships within the US’ 😦

Womens CL Nylon Slim Jade/Teal

Spotted these ffffffresh makeups of the Womens’ Nylon Slims over at Swedens’ Urban Clothing.

Basquiat x Reebok Classics Chi-Kaze

Well, once again I’m stepping outside of Retroboks usual remit, but I find these special editions of the Female Kamikazes (called Chi-Kaze) to be one of the boldest designs to bear the Reebok name for quite a while. I presume that Swizz Beatz is involved in stepping Reeboks’ image up a level. Unfortunately I’m a bit slow in spotting these – they’ve already disappeared from their apparent source – The Good Will Out.

3294 0 Basquiat x Reebok Classics Chi Kaze

Pink, Purple, X-Racer, Realflex craziness!

A little bit away from Retroboks‘ usual diet, I spotted this colourful selection of Womens’ Racer-X and Realflex runners over at Shelta and thought they were worth posting up – for their sheer eye-popping colourways.

There’s an additional interesting note here too ; notice the differences in the branding treatments between the Realflexes (middle pair) and the X-Racers (top and bottom).

Dash Runner retro goodness

UPDATED! ++2 New Colourways – 1 Retrobok Fact++ A couple of very fresh makeups for the Dash Runners over at Shelta right now. Loving the Grey/Grey/Black Dashes with yellow lace placketts and details. The Black/Mandarin pair are somewhat reminiscent of Pumas, or indoor Soccer shoes but look great for Winter. More pics over at Swedish Shelta > [Grey/Black]  [Black/White]

The White/Black/Red and Blue/Yellow colourways have now appeared at Brandosa (linked) as well as other sites – the white pair pass like any of the other million ‘Classic’ derivatives, whilst the Blues have a certain retro feel.

A cool Retrobok fact is that the Dash Runner sports an identical sole to the legendary CL1400 from the mid 80’s –