Dash Runner retro goodness

UPDATED! ++2 New Colourways – 1 Retrobok Fact++ A couple of very fresh makeups for the Dash Runners over at Shelta right now. Loving the Grey/Grey/Black Dashes with yellow lace placketts and details. The Black/Mandarin pair are somewhat reminiscent of Pumas, or indoor Soccer shoes but look great for Winter. More pics over at Swedish Shelta > [Grey/Black]  [Black/White]

The White/Black/Red and Blue/Yellow colourways have now appeared at Brandosa (linked) as well as other sites – the white pair pass like any of the other million ‘Classic’ derivatives, whilst the Blues have a certain retro feel.

A cool Retrobok fact is that the Dash Runner sports an identical sole to the legendary CL1400 from the mid 80’s –





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