70’s Reeboks ‘Wall Of Fame’

As per yesterdays’ post Retrobok now has a very significant Page added: 70’s Reebok shoes (now in the Main Menu above). This era of Reeboks’ history has proven mysterious with little in the way of imagery or literature. It was also before Reebok enjoyed their massive success in the 80’s courtesy of Paul Fireman in the U.S.

There is more to uncover here too ; Reeboks’ official history states that Fireman sold the first Reeboks in the States at $60 (a huge amount at that time), but here we have proof of Reebok shoes at a lower price point. Were these before Firemans’ involvement, were Reeboks being sold in the U.S. before 1979, or was the $60 price spun out for P.R. benefits?

And finally, there’s a previously-unseen Reebok logotype visible on some of these shoes (an R> decal) which is another surprise. All of the images for the page have been sourced from DefyNewYork – a massive thanks for permission to share these here on Retrobok.


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