Which shoe should Reebok retro next?

Retrobok has some rather influential visitors (I know this for a fact), so we have a good platform for suggesting the next shoes to be retro’d…. 

DL series? The PB? Original E.R.S. such as the World Road? The legendary LX8500? Or perhaps some retro Womens shoes such as the once-popular LC3000? Something from the 70’s such as the original Aztec or Shadow? Or perhaps something more recent like the late 80’s/early 90’s such as the AXT?

Please add your suggestions in the comments below – maybe somebody is taking notes 😉

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  1. Allthough we have the midsole of the GL6000 and I’d love to see the LX done right this time, or even the pigskinned GL6100 but the World Road E.R.S holds a very special place in my ❤……Cheers…..Dixy!

  2. Yep, LX8500 for me too – as well as any of those original ERS runners – World Road the most exciting of those 😀 But also, the humble Rapide (my first Reeboks) or Royale – I mean, why not! But I think a pair of retro’d PB’s could look bad-ass….

  3. I still wanna see the DL5000. PB would be good, also the GL6100 (wasn’t the 6000 pigskin, the 6100 nappa leather). integrity hi-top would be awesome. World ERS and ERS trainer

  4. Yeah, GL6100 would be easy as Dixy pointed out – the retro’d 6000 midsole exists so the job maybe half done. Perhaps the LX had the same mid too….

  5. I’d love to see the DL6000,reissued,also as mentioned above theDL5000.

  6. LC1500, that would be good, gets back towards minimalist thinking, wide base limited ‘engineering’ so great feel to run in. Let’s have it back!!

  7. Reebok should retro Reebok Rapide! But please do not decrease the padding and thinner midsole like other brands do on their retro (esp. Running/trainer).