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World 10 retro (eBay)

Another eBay spot, this time a retro of the 1970 World Ten — though judging by the limited reference material I have on Retrobok, it’s a very different looking shoe to the original. Most interesting details are the now-familiar heel tab and the shoe name on the side of the heel box (just like the GL6000 amongst others). Its authenticity to the original, I can’t comment on. ~BokOne

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World Best (2011 retro) — Unboxing

Another first for Retrobok — following yesterdays’ interview with the legendary David Foster — I thought it would be fun to do an ‘unboxing’ (something fashionable and admittedly more logical on Tech websites).

My latest purchase was a pair of the 2011 retro of the 1987 ‘World Best’, and whilst not a particularly special colourway they are strikingly similiar to my first Reeboks – the 1985 Rapide – which was also in grey/black/red. Unboxing maybe a bit of an overstatement for ‘a pair of shoes in a box’, but it provides an excuse to take some macro pictures and enjoy the design details that the naked eye somehow doesn’t take in.

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Interview – David Foster

Retrobok is hugely fortunate to have interviewed David Foster, revealing some fascinating insights into Reeboks’ history. David is the 8th generation of the Foster family involved in shoemaking — his Father Joe and Uncle Jeff started Reebok from the ashes of the J.W. Fosters company in 1958. David himself was directly involved in the design and manufacture of some of Reeboks’ most succesful shoes in the 1980’s. Read on for a glimpse into Reeboks’ most important years — and to discover the influence from Volvo Cars … Read the rest of this entry

Court Victory Pump – 2012 holiday ‘Nautical pack’

The UK’s Main Source store hasn’t been stocking Reeboks for a while, but these 2 retros’ popped up recently. The Navy/Yellow pair seem pretty striking, the Grey/Cream pair maybe for more acquired  tastes, especially during Winter time here in the UK. ~BokOne

Curious Vintage Reeboks

Very interesting pair of ‘Boks currently on eBay (apologies – eBay seems to be a regular Retrobok source of news at the moment) — but these are mysterious indeed.

Closer examination of the inner lining appears to show a simple uppercase REEBOK logo with hand-drawn ‘sidestripe cross check’ symbol.
Update: According to David Foster (interview here) — This is something made after ’95 to look like a ’70′s ‘World Ten’.”

Click on for more pics.

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OG 1986 London Runners on eBay

These original ’86 London Runners were spotted on eBay (thanks once again to DIXY) and reveal some interesting details. The contrasting Red and Blue heel tabs are  something pretty unique and perhaps, dare I say it – flashy, and a Vibram-branded sole which has a parallel with the 1986 GL6000‘s Goodyear-branded soles. It’s nice to have a bit of light shed on a forgotten shoe. Currently taking bids on eBAY UK.

More pics after the jump. ~BokOne

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BB4600 pickup

Just received a pair of Black/Pewter BB4600 retro’s from Urban Industry. Firstly, they’re actually my first pair of Reebok BB’s (yep, I was always on the Running Shoe tip generally). But they seemed a suitable choice for the UK Winter, and  well…  they were on sale 🙂 Whilst they’re a very sober colourway, in the flesh they’re a pretty smart pair of kicks – the laces helping sharpen up this ’86 classic.  ~BokOne
UrbanIndustry – BB4600 Black/Pewter 

Reebok Alien Stomper “Ripley” Customs

For sale – 1 x pair of custom-made Alien Stompers (UK 11.5 I believe) over at Revive Customs. Fantastic effort still begs the question “why didn’t Reebok properly retro this colourway?” Due to licensing perhaps? More pictures after the jump.
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