World Best (2011 retro) — Unboxing

Another first for Retrobok — following yesterdays’ interview with the legendary David Foster — I thought it would be fun to do an ‘unboxing’ (something fashionable and admittedly more logical on Tech websites).

My latest purchase was a pair of the 2011 retro of the 1987 ‘World Best’, and whilst not a particularly special colourway they are strikingly similiar to my first Reeboks – the 1985 Rapide – which was also in grey/black/red. Unboxing maybe a bit of an overstatement for ‘a pair of shoes in a box’, but it provides an excuse to take some macro pictures and enjoy the design details that the naked eye somehow doesn’t take in.

These World Best have certain details which do remind me of the era they’re from ; the design of the soles wrapping up towards the toe box for example —

The 1987 World Best design lost its familiar dual stripes on the side of it’s upper – a pattern to be repeated on others such as the Fell Runner and the first wave of E.R.S. shoes —

Most Reeboks of this era (with the exception of some of the BB shoes) have Reebok Windows on both sides of the upper, but not in the case of the World Best

The design details on the sole rival some of the Nike Air Max’s of similiar age —

In 1987, the ‘tradition of over 90 years‘ presumably referred to the founding of the JW Fosters company in the 1890’s – a detail that I’d not really appreciated as of course this would be inaccurate in 2011 —

The heel tab doesn’t photograph easily (lack of my skills I suspect) but look great in reality —

Hope you enjoyed these. More ‘Unboxing’ posts will be added with each new pair picked up.

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