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Paris Runner Field Guide


USA only Classic Leather (White/Black/Steel)

Things are getting a little bit strange here at Retrobok HQ, featuring 2 makeups of the Reebok Classic in a single day – but if I see something worthy of posting, then so be it —

Personally I think this is one of the finest – and most considered – treatments I’ve ever seen to the Classic ; sticking with pure Whites and filling the midsole completely with Black. I refer to shoes like this as ‘Stormtrooper’ shoes for obvious reasons and personally I love them, because they lower the perceptible height of a shoe making for a more elegant appearance. Read the rest of this entry

Classic Leather BRK SC – 30th Anniversary

The actual Reebok Classic is rarely featured on Retrobok due to endless low-end reissues, and whilst the BRK SC shown below looks very much the UK lads’ shoe, it has some more interesting details above the usual cheap metallic trimmings —

Aside from the inners’ stripes, the tongues’ oversize Starcrest motif, and the ‘Since 1983’ embossed on the Heel Counter, the particular standout detail is the Starcrest tread pattern —

Check out the images and decide for yourself – if it’s your thing it’s available now at Very in the UK, alongside some more usual treatments of the ’83 Classic. ~BokOne

Huge updates to 80’s & 90’s pages

The 80’s and 90’s pages have had a solid update this weekend – particularly to include the missing Pump® range. The 90’s page now lists 44 shoes, while the 80’s page lists a massive 76. As always, please feedback with correction or additions! ~BokOne



Lego Pump

Well, I’m about 6 months late with this but it’s still worth posting 🙂 ; “Alex Jones, a.k.a. Orion Pax, .. worked on a commissioned piece for legendary Austrian rapper Kamp One, forming a very realistic Reebok Pump. Though not life-size, this sneaker is large enough to feed through real shoelaces. On the side, where The Pump logo is usually situated, Jones painted the rapper’s name, and he has even recreated the orange Hexalite cushioning system inside the heel of the sole.” | Freshnessmag | ~BokOne

Energaire Technology

Hidden amongst the Reebok Pump lineup was this fascinating and somewhat forgotten technology called Energaire —

From what I’m aware, Energaire was a 3rd-party technology used by Reebok on the 1991 Pump Walking (below), and the more sober Comfort I (bottom). The technology was also used on shoes by the Spalding company.

A number of Patents define this technology as using fluids or air to transmit between the 2 reservoirs at either end – for the purpose of “encouraging a Walkers’ consistent foot-strike”.  The Pump Walking itself apparently has 3 technologies incorporated – Pump,  Energaire, and Hexalite (supposedly in the heel) making it a shoe with more tech than any other in memory. If you have any more information, please comment below! ~BokOne

Size? Paris Runner worldwide exclusive!

For those of you wanting a proper retro of the 1984 Paris Runner – well here it is. However, there’s a slight caveat — you’ll need to pop over to Paris this Friday (14th December) and queue to get one of the 50 pairs. Really great to see this reissued with flying colours (colores, surely?) and if any of you happen to pick one up, let me know! ~BokOne | Size? Paris Runner Worldwide Exclusive

CL Leather HSL + Video


It’s not often a single shoe gets it’s own promo video – but the CL Leather HLS achieved just that. Originally, I felt these were another of the myriad of forgettable Classic makeups which I’m disinclined to post but the materials and great retro colourway mean these make the grade. The video also evokes part of Retrobok ; running shoes that transitioned to street fashion. The Video is below the guy who … well … looks a bit like me. ~BokOne | €80 at Shoelosophy (Italy) and Sivasdescalzo (Spain)

Retrobok reborn – now

Due to its’ continued success and visitor numbers, Retrobok is now a .COM! Thanks for visiting and here’s to the future! ~BokOne

Hanon x Reebok – NPC II pack

One of my favourite sneaker stores — the Aberdeen-based Hanon — have recently released another collaboration with Reebok following previous collabs such as the VCMP Alien Stomper, Pump Omni Zone and Pump 20th Anniversary. This time it’s the turn of the Newport Classic – or NPC II – which to me is a surprising but bold choice by Hanon. Featuring premium pigskin, glove leather collars and gold debossed logos, the execution of the collab seems faultless and Hanon must be applauded for the results.

These are available now in Ink Purple, and Sand colourways and include 2 pairs of contrasting laces, and a cotton dustbag. I’m looking forward to seeing the next Reebok collaboration from Hanon. ~BokOne
Hanon Press Release

Reebok Classic Nylon Slim Pre-Order

A myriad of colourways for the budget Classic Nylon Slim – available for pre-order at Titolo. Tasty sounding colourway names too ; Teal/Aqua Vapor, Tangerine/Sherbert, Geranium/CoralBlue/Blue Shade and er…  Yellow/Yellow/Yellow 🙂 Click the image to jump over to Titolo. ~BokOne

Links updated – now ‘Stores’

One of the most useful pages on Retrobok is the LINKS page – which is now retitled to STORES and now has many updates, notwithstanding the official UK and US Rebook stores. It still contains Blogs & Friends too, but hopefully this makes this expanding resource clearer to new visitors. Additions and corrections always welcomed. Click the image to jump straight over ~BokOne

Workout Plus Mid Trail

Checking out the Reebok USA store I found these awesome sister shoes to the recent CL Trails’. Mixing the silhouette of the ’85 Workout Plus Mid with the practicalities of a Trail shoe such as the ’87 Fell Runner but using the latest materials and manufacturing techniques, these are a brutal colourway and look hugely practical. In this case, the Fell Runners’ sole design isn’t used like in the CL Trail – instead the sole used on the Night Sky Mid – with the pattern of the Reebok Classics‘ but with a tougher style . Sadly they don’t seem to be available on the UK store which is a huge shame – perhaps Reebok could consider stocking these for the UK winter? 🙂 More pics of this great looking hybrid after the jump. ~BokOne

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Workout Mid – ‘Peanut Butter Ice’ pack

Seems to have been a surge in Reebok releases recently, and this appears to be a sister pack to the Ex-O-Fit Plus Hi D-Ring pack I posted yesterday — both of which via I’m really liking the presentation quality of these packs – the Workout Mid was originally released in ’85 so easily qualify for status here on Retrobok, and the packs’ colourways fit perfectly with the current season. Supposedly available in US stores such as ReebokFoot Locker, Footaction and City Gear – the Blue, Black, and Browns should be available now with the Red and Greens available in December (precisely the same colours staggered in the release of the Ex-O-Fit pack). More pics after the jump.

Reebok Classics Workout Mid   Peanut Butter Ice

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CL Trail – Blue Sport/Black/Nac

Well, it’s obviously Titolo day here on Retrobok the Swiss store seems to have landed a job-lot of upcoming Reebok shoes. Here’s a 2013 colourway of the superb CL Trail shoe which is available for pre-order. An interesting detail is the ’30th Anniversary’ starcrest detail on the tongue (not seen on the 2012 CL Trail colourways for obvious reasons) – the original Classic release year has been hard to nail down, with 1985 as received common wisdom – I’m starting to believe ’83 is the correct year after all. Titolo ~BokOne