GL 6000 – Retrobok Limited Edition (Milk Chocolate/Dark Chocolate/Purple/Grey)

Can’t believe how happy I am to see Reebok release these limited edition GL 6000’s in the Retrobok colourway  …. well it would have to be in my dreams as these are simply a self-made project in Photoshop. Working from the Chocolate/Purple Retrobok site theme, I didn’t think the colours would work at all as a sneaker colourway — I’m not even a fan of brown sneakers normally — but somehow these seem to work pretty well, almost having a slightly militaristic feel to them. Bespoke tongue labels and Retrobok side logo would indeed be a dream which I doubt Reebok would ever consider – but it’s a dream I’m happy to hang on to 🙂 ~BokOne

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  1. Had me going for a minute, thought a collab was on the cards…..

    Reebok if your watching 😉

  2. Nice one! I love the tongue tag with your logo and I even think the colorway is quite classy.