ERS 1500 (2012) — Unboxing & Review

Received my ERS 1500s in Black/Pink/Aubergine today from Reebok UK (well, they came from Germany to be accurate) and have taken a few photos & macros for you to check out. There’s also a review of this new and interesting addition to the ERS range. Read on for the full article.

The cleated rubber studs are a surprising choice but function well, especially in a UK winter. They don’t win any points from an aesthetic point of view but I think will prove durable.

Toe box
Whilst it looks good and is not dissimiliar to the toebox of the GL 6000 reissues, the material is a little thinner on the 1500, with some diagonal folding (a pet hate of mine) more evident when worn. Perhaps it’s a better choice for lightness,  though I suspect it’s for cost reasons.

ERS details
With 4 external caps on the side of the midsole, 3 visible tubes on the sole (not quite lining up with the caps on my pair it must be said), the ERS 1500 embossed on a plastic insert on the heel counter, the ENERGY RETURN logo on the insole under the heel, and ERS debossed on the rear midsole it does have a lot. The quality of the midsole material results in a disappointing finish particularly for the rear ERS sadly, but still – it’s all here.

Finish is a little on the disappointing side – and I must be careful not to bemoan this too much – because Reebok have created a brand new, yet retro, Reebok which looks superb (particularly in this colourway, in my opinion) and adds another great shoe to their ‘Classics‘ range. Giveaway details like the stitched Reebok on the side of the upper (opposed to the window + flag), and basic stitching on the sidestripes are the clearest indicator its not quite the premium shoe, fortunately it’s sleek shape and awesome overall design do it justice.

This is a budget shoe, and on  your feet it feels like it. There’s not a great deal of comfort or padding afforded within the upper, and it’s a real shame considering the superb design.

I did initially feel these were overpriced, currently selling in the UK at around the £55 mark. But the more I think about this, the more I think it’s a reasonable price fitting in above the budget £30 Classic Nylon Joggers, the £50 Dash Runner and matching the pricepoint of ‘core’ premium shoes such as the Classic Leather, Ex-o-Fits and the newer CL Trails.

Reebok have done a lot with this shoe with what I think may have been very little – and I’m pained to say these are not at the quality level I’d have liked, however the more I wear them and look at them, the more I like them, even though the fit isn’t great. These are a fun retro ‘bok shoe, and every collection needs at least one pair 🙂


Available from many stores >
Reebok UK | 5Pointz (UK) | Shopstyle (UK) | Chemical Records (UK) | Solebox (Germany) Sure! (Australia)

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