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Retrobok on YouTube

Just a reminder that Retrobok has a YouTube channel. More a set of Playlists to be honest, but just like here on Retrobok I’ll endeavour to keep it updated and build it into a useful  history resource. ~BokOne

1971 — R400, R420 and an early collab?!

Another fantastic advert scan courtesy of David Gumbley, back in 1971 when UK decimilisation had just taken place, and Reebok appeared to only give code numbers to their shoes. Fortunately, the R420 later gained a more catchy name, being titled Scirocco. Also great to see the formative REEBOK wordmark, and pre-Starcrest R> decal imprinted on the shoes. If you’ve got a keen eye, could this have been Reeboks’ first collaboration? Reebok X Lawrence Sports, in todays terms 🙂 Thanks again to David. ~BokOne

Footnote – Elizabeth messaged Retrobok with the following photo of a pair of NOS (new old stock) R420’s which look amazing:


Insta Pump Fury – Green/Grey/White

Another work of art in the form of the retro’d 1994 Insta Pump Fury, this time in a very futuristic Olive Green/Grey/White colourway, with a touch of biege in there too. Good also to see the OG design hexalite cutaways in the rear midsole, which also means these are brand new 2013 editions. I can only see this at Hanon in the UK right now, though these are available in Asia (specifically, Korea). £120 at Hanon. ~BokOne

ERS 2000 – Black/White/Wolf Grey

Just appeared at UK’s Size? are these bad boys, in a very sombre Black/Grey/White colourway. Any colourless sneaker is a bold decision, and these are a little towards the edge of my own tastes — I do wish Reebok had reversed out the ERS tubes in a contrasting colour to make them pop a little more, but they’ve got a plastic model kit quality to them in all-grey. Currently £80 at Size? alongside the OG colourway~BokOne

Insta Pump Fury – Atmos X Jun Watanabe X Reebok

Asia appears to be going crazy for the Insta Pump Fury right now (whilst those of us in the cold wet UK suffer the weather, and only a handful of colourways because of that ) and these are right off the scale: only Japan could produce makeups this fantastical 😀 Available for pre-order from  Japanese store ZOZO. Via SneakerFreaker ~BokOne

Making of a Classic blueprint: The Reebok Classic Leather

3 x Classic Leather articles in one day? Sure! The HypeBeast article also mentioned a tidy little video I’d forgotten to post onto Retrobok, “Making of a Classic blueprint: The Reebok Classic Leather“. It’s pretty special. Enjoy! ~BokOne

Classic Leather: Dissected

HypeBeast has recently dissected the CL, now in it’s 30th year (which is the reason why Retrobok is posting many CL articles in case you were wondering), revealing some curious part names such as the Vamp Lining and Lateral Quarter Underlay. Jump over to see the full detail @ HypeBeast — BokOne

Burn Rubber x Reebok – ‘Spirit of Detroit’ Classic Leather

It has to be said, there’s some surprisingly original treatments to the 30 year old Classic Leather appearing recently — and this is certainly right up there on the freshness scale. Rick and Roland of Detroit-based Burn Rubber have collaborated with Reebok to produce these Blue, Cream and Gum beauties – even just saying the colourway makes them sound damn tasty! Here’s a video via HypeBeast explaining the collab and their own history ; 

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Pump Furys in Korea

The Insta Pump Fury currently runs 6 bold colourways over at Reebok South Korea, 8 if you include the 2 cute Kids’ variants – with what I believe are working Pumps! If somebody could explain to me the difference in the rear sole windows (triangular vs hexalite panel) – in the adults versions – I’d be interested to know. Click the image to jump over to Reebok Korea. ~BokOne

Thanks to Tony Chao for this info —  “the triangular windows are all Pump Fury pre SS 2013. Starting 2013, we switched back to OG Fury with the Hexalite windows

The Starcrest: A Retrobok visual theory of evolution

Ex-Reebok David Foster was kind enough to confirm the origins of the Reebok Starcrest – many thanks again. ~BokOne

Reebok SXT Pump Vs Nike, 1991

Really nice post over on the awesome DefyNewYork blog, covering a 1991 magazine comparison test between the Reebok SXT Pump, Nike Trainer SC, Avia 1385, L.A. Gear Muscle and Asics GT Lyte. Instead of me giving away any more, click the image/use to jump to find out more – DefyNewYork is well worth some reading time, a great deal of sneaker history on there. DefyNewYork ~BokOne

Advert: 1980 Aztec

Love the purity and colour of this 1980 advert for one of Reeboks early ‘legend’ shoes – the 1979 Aztec. This shoes colourway and name has been used on a number of newer Reeboks since, such as the 2006 Scarlett Johannson Rbk Aztec, and the recent Aztec Flex Racer. Image courtesy of David Gumbley. ~BokOne

Media section: 200+ Images added

Retrobok now has a vastly expanded Media area — now in 4 parts with 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and ‘2000 onwards‘ each having their own dedicated pages. There is a great deal of exciting material in here, from the basic black and white newspaper adverts of the 70’s, featuring strange shoes with equally strange names, through the colourful (and occasionally cheesy) 80’s and into the sharper more aggressive 90’s styles. I’ll be showcasing specific adverts in new posts on Retrobok over the coming weeks, but I must thank David Gumbley for contributing so many fantastically detailed scans. His own website is over at NoSugar.Co.Uk with other sneaker brands covered too. Enjoy! ~BokOne

Modern Media

An archive of Reebok marketing material since 2000. Click thumbnails to view images.

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70’s Media

An archive of Reebok marketing material from the 1970’s. With special thanks to DefyNewYorkDavid Gumbley and David Foster.

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