WHAT THE?!! No.4: John Wall ZigEncore ‘Fresh Prince’

More of a point of view than a true continuation of Retroboks’ WHAT THE?!! series,  I’m going to say something about these 2012 John Wall limited editions which may surprise many of you — read on if you’re intrigued 😉
First up: I’m not a fan of ZigTech. It needs saying, and I’m sure it’s no real surprise to any of you visiting a retro Reebok site. Even if they happen to provide a fantastic ride, lightness or stability they’re an eyesore and need dropping from Reeboks range, to be replaced with a broader appealing tech (remember Reebok are playing catch-up to Nike and parent brand Adidas more than ever). Second up: I’d never buy or wear these shoes. But I love them.

The main reasons for my affection are firstly they’re a piece of industrial/product Design honed to incredible levels of detail and quality – something which simply was not achievable 10 years ago. I loved the speckled treatment to the Zig midsole, the moulded upper, the boldly futuristic design. Secondly, these are at a quality of finish which all new Reeboks need to be stepping up to, in order to regain ground to Nike. The texturing detail on the heel counter and midsole shown below is at a level generally unseen on Reeboks.
The recent ERS 1500‘s maybe a great looking shoe, but its materials, finish and comfort leave a lot to be desired – and I do appreciate that the larger US market may warrant better attention to detail and manufacturing than the rest of the world. But I genuinely wish that Reebok can move the focus away from quantity to quality, thinning out their range a little and upping the ante to Nikes’ crown. This shoe may not be to your taste at all – but for me these are a modern work of art and make a bold statement about modern design and sneaker culture – they need placing in a Design Museum somewhere pronto. No, I’d never buy or wear them – but boy do I love them. ~BokOne 

Feel free to comment below. Still available at OSneaker (USA) 

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