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Ventilator ‘TDL Camo’ — The Distinct Life x Reebok

With looks and arguably a certain level of finish akin to a pair of New Balances, this collab certainly has the air of quality about it. Another collab with Rick Williams – one half of Detroits’ Burn Rubber (with their own Reebok collabs recently, notably the 30th anniversary Classic) Williams shouts out to other Reebok collaborator Frank the Butcher with the BAU hangtags/details. Debossed Camo prints on the leather are a neat idea – though its not easy to see the results from the photos. Nice work though! Available Saturday April 6th at Burn Rubber and other quality stores. —BokOne

½ price Twilight Zones @ Crooked Tongues!

Woah! If you’re ever tired of seeing the word SALE used everywhere, often for measly price cuts, well Crooked Tongues (UK) are offering these superb Pumps for literally ½ price: thats £63 each. These are BIG sneakers, so perhaps they have a lack of storage space? Help them out over at Crooked Tongues!—BokOne

GL6000 — Navy/Red/White, now available at Size? UK

3rd colourway of the 6000 has now appeared on the Size? online store — I’ll have to check whether these are in the bricks+mortar stores themselves, hoping they are! Size (UK) —BokOne

1991 Inferno — Retros on the way?

Reebok InfernoReebok InfernoSneakernews are reporting a retro of the 1991 Inferno is on the cards — whilst I was never the biggest fan of the midsole details on the ERS2000 and 5000, as the current retro sneaker fashion moves boldly into the 90’s these  look like a respectable retro indeed. More pics on the Sneakernews article—BokOne

Keith Haring x Reebok — Round 2

More crazy, funky collabs with the Keith Haring Foundation (the great man himself passed away in 1990) will be released April 1st at specialist stores & online featured on the Workout Plus, Freestyle Hi, and Classic Leather Hi. And I’m reasonably sure this isn’t an April 1st joke… —BokOne

Rick Ross — White Hot

Amusing promo video for the March 22nd released Classics Whites pack, featuring Rapper Rick Rossbest friend of 50 Cent.

2013 Season (US)

Counterkicks has just posted up a huge selection of photos of a recent trade show in Vegas, with Swizz Beatz himself present. A great deal of interesting makeups to be seen here, particularly what appear to be high-top Classic Leathers (seen top left of the image above) – though their midsoles are a little different. Also, plenty of excitement around the Shaq Attack + Shaqnosis retros, which I know a lot of people Stateside are going nuts over.  Read the rest of this entry

90’s rarities — Phase V, Rapides, Roundball Canvas

Thanks once again to ‘BokTwo’ (DIXY) for spotting some pretty special Retroboks on eBay. I’ve never seen the Phase V‘s before (shown above) – which certainly have more of that aggressive early 90’s look to them. Then there are 3 x variations of the classic Royale, with the designs getting progressively fussier. Whether these are Royal II/III/IV I’ve yet to establish (comments welcome). Royales + more after the jump.  Read the rest of this entry

Latest! GL6000’s back on the UK high street

While it may seem a little overkill to pronounce this as a ‘momentous’ event, true retro Reeboks’ have not been widely available on the UK high street for some time now — usually requiring online ordering even from stores already existing on the high street. Size? are a good example ; they were recently running 9 ‘Retroboks’ online — but zero in-store. Other familiar UK high-street stores such as Schuh and Office have offered no Retroboks in recent memory (and none online either) whilst JD Sports have been disappearing from the high street, merging into Sports Direct (arguably offering the ubiquitous white Classic and little more). But I’m hoping that Reeboks’ hard work in 2013 is finally seeing results, bringing classic Boks back into the public view. It certainly put a smile on my face seeing these two GL6000 colourways in Size? this lunchtime — let’s hope to see more soon. Each image links directly out. —BokOne

Pump Omni Lite — Black/Team Dark Royal/White

Really liking the panel work on these, with the process Blue heel counter and midsole detail bringing the Omni bang up to date. There is some real design restraint here too: viewing the shoe from the toebox up to the Pump – it’s all black. The oft-coloured midsole cutouts – all white. Click on for more jibber-jabber & pics > Read the rest of this entry

ERS Al Ternator — 1993 curio

Spotted these curious ERS’s on eBay USA, which I’d not seen before. Probably one of the only ERS’s I’ve seen with 3 moulded tubes rather than the usual 4 (recent ERS 1500’s notwishstanding) on the sole, and speed lace loops. These look seriously bad-ass – even the name is something of a curio! More pics after the jump. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Freestyle Hi Wedge — Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys x Reebok Freestyle Hi Wedge
Alicia Keys x Reebok Freestyle Hi Wedge

The succesful Alicia Keys line of Reeboks sees another wave of colourful releases for the fashion conscious modern B-Girl. In a semi-heel wedge form, Swizz Beatz’ better half provides a nice alternative to straight-out flat sneakers. Available sometime in April. Via Freshnessmag. —BokOne

CL — Reebok x Fisz

Another first here on Retrobok (and one that I wish could be repeated on a more regular basis) – is this glimpse of a forthcoming Reebok collaboration with Polish Rapper Fisz. More details of this collaboration are still forthcoming. Click through for more… Read the rest of this entry

Reebok x Packer CL ‘Aztec’ — release date, more pics!

F f f r r r r e s h is the word… some really tasty new shots of the Packer x Reebok collab, inspired by the legendary 1979 Aztec. Release date is now confirmed as 23rd March at 12 noon at the Packer Store in the U.S., as well as at Solebox Germany (and I’m sure a few other selected stores).

Remember that you’ll find more info about the original Aztec here on Retrobok than any other website — try the 70’s Reeboks and 70’s Media sections for starters…. more pics of the hot Packer after the jump. and a classic 1980 ad for the original Aztec 🙂 —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Classics Whites Collection (US)

Providing some fine photography results, here’s an 8-strong all-white Pack featuring Classic Leather, Workout Plus, Workout Mid, Ex-o-Fit Hi, Phase 1 Tennis, Twilight Zone Pump, Question Low, and DMX 10 Run. 

The blurb states that “All 8 pairs are scheduled to launch Friday, March 22nd, through key retailers”. Yet actually, I seem to have spotted a few of these already available at Reebok US. Click on for more all-white themed promo pics! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry