Collector Feature #1 — Alex Schuh, Germany

I’m proud to present Retroboks‘ first Collector Feature. With more on the way, I’m really happy to kick things off with a keen Pump fan from Germany who’s collection is pretty special. Click through to read the full feature. —BokOne 

 Hi Alex, how does it feel to be the first collector featured on Retrobok?
This feels really good, a great honour – thank you!

 So, tell us a bit about yourself.
Well, I am an average family man BUT I have a great passion for trainers. Especially Reeboks. My surname is “Schuh” which translates from German to English as “Shoe” so you see I am genetically programmed to like shoes!

 You have connections with Reebok Germany and Solebox?
I know some of the Reebok Germany team, really nice people! And with Solebox I am very close to the Sole Brothers, we are good friends — they share my passion with Reeboks.

 You have quite a collection, as we can see here and on your Instagram page (link at the end of the feature). How many Reeboks do you have?
I would say not enough, but my Wife says too much … I am not really the counting guy. Otherwise I have to explain myself what I am doing with my money, haha!

 Very tactful! Can you list some of them for us?
To name some —

  • All Reebok X Solebox Collabs
  • A lot of the Pump 20 Summit collabs
  • A lot of the Workout Anniversary shoes
  • Some vintage stuff
  • and some more …

Pump20 – OG colourway (Global release)

Pump20 (Global release)

 It seems you like Pumps…?
Yep. I loved the idea of the Pump system since my childhood. So now I have the money to buy them… hopefully all of them…

 Do you have one really special pair that you would like to be buried with?
Well, I have a big respect for life and death. And if I am dead, well I do not need shoes any more. So I’ll just enjoy them while I’m alive!

 Nice answer! It’s interesting to see a German so passionate about Reebok, can you explain why you like the brand so much?
I guess it is a pretty unique explanation: I started to love Reebok as a kid. The detail I loved most on the shoes was the Union Jack. I used to draw it everywhere in school time. It seems this made my passion grow for Reebok.

 Haha — when I was at school I did the same! So what about other sneaker brands?
There are plenty of other fish in the sea. All brands are doing good. But my favourite is Reebok. though I have to admit I do have one pair of Jordans…

 Let’s take a look at some more of Alex’s collection —

Twilight Zone

Pump 20 – Hanon Shop (UK)

Pump 20 – Solebox (Germany)

Pump 20 – Saint Alfred (Chicago, USA)

 So what were the first pairs of Reeboks you owned? And what year do you think that was?
1990. A pair of Twilight Zones. Great memories.

 Which year was special for Reebok shoes? I am guessing the early 1990’s  for you?
Yes, I’ve nothing to add to that – you are right.

 Do you think 2013 it will be a great year?
Yes, definitely. There are a lot of hot retros coming out.

Pump20 – UNDFTD (Los Angeles)

OmniZones – Solebox (2010, 2012)

Pump20 – Colette (Paris)

 What shoe would you like to see Reebok retro? Is there something missing from your collection?
How about the [1993 Dominique Wilkins] Double Pump, Reebok? I am sure apart from me there is one other Reebok fan who would be happy (you know who you are… haha!)

 Let’s take a look at some more shoes —

Reebok x Packer – CL 30th Anniversary

Workout Plus 25th Anniversary – Solebox edition (2012)

 Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions, Alex – and providing some great pictures. Retrobok definitely needs to focus more on the Pump history, and I think a lot of people will be very jealous of your collection.
Thank you! I am sure there are a lot of other people with some pretty hot collections too!

Alex’s Instagram page contains many more pictures of his collection.

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 If you have a retro ‘Bok collection you’d like to feature here on Retrobok, get in touch! —BokOne 

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