ERS Al Ternator — 1993 curio

Spotted these curious ERS’s on eBay USA, which I’d not seen before. Probably one of the only ERS’s I’ve seen with 3 moulded tubes rather than the usual 4 (recent ERS 1500’s notwishstanding) on the sole, and speed lace loops. These look seriously bad-ass – even the name is something of a curio! More pics after the jump. —BokOne 

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  1. Hey..We own these. Are you interested in purchasing? We have a lot of vintage reeboks for sale. Purchased an old shoe store and these were stored away in their warehouses.

  2. Thanks, I’m not in a position to collect right now, but if you have a website selling your vintage Reeboks let me know and I’ll post it on Retrobok.