Pump Omni Lite — Black/Team Dark Royal/White

Really liking the panel work on these, with the process Blue heel counter and midsole detail bringing the Omni bang up to date. There is some real design restraint here too: viewing the shoe from the toebox up to the Pump – it’s all black. The oft-coloured midsole cutouts – all white. Click on for more jibber-jabber & pics >

I’d have been sorely tempted to make that Pump mechanism pop out with some process Blue, but I admire the balance here. The form of the all-white midsole is really brought to light here as well. I want these badly. Available now at SNS (Sweden)CNCPTS (USA), (though I’m not seeing these available in the UK at this moment). More pics below. —BokOne

Reebok Pump Omni LiteReebok Pump Omni LiteReebok Pump Omni Lite

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