90’s rarities — Phase V, Rapides, Roundball Canvas

Thanks once again to ‘BokTwo’ (DIXY) for spotting some pretty special Retroboks on eBay. I’ve never seen the Phase V‘s before (shown above) – which certainly have more of that aggressive early 90’s look to them. Then there are 3 x variations of the classic Royale, with the designs getting progressively fussier. Whether these are Royal II/III/IV I’ve yet to establish (comments welcome). Royales + more after the jump. Finally, the seller claims these canvas Roundball shoes below are pre-90’s which is not impossible as the Vector logo (seen on the box) first appeared around ’86.Shame each of these superb examples are in such large sizes, but great to see them – they can be viewed at the sellers UK eBay shop. —BokOne

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  1. 86 is pre 90’s…..I’m not sure I understood your comment on the roundballs.
    I’m not sure but I think the vector came long before 86, it’s a stylised Reebok, which was the inspiration for the change from JP Fosters and Sons to Reebok in the 40’s.
    I’ll get back to you on that one!