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City Classics — Reebok x Stash — teaser image….

So, looks like we should expect more contrasting panel releases…. Complex currently features preview Artwork for 12 of the international collaborators (but not the 13th, being Stash himself). Fingers crossed Reeboks’ efforts with these collaborators move the brand further forwards. Thanks to my source for the image. —BokOne


Available Now! — Insta Pump Fury — “Koi”

Available at MITA Japan now — and selling fast!  —BokOne

LX8500… to be retro’d?!!

While this might not seem to warrant it’s own post (a simple update to the previous post on this subject should have sufficed) — but eagle-eyed Dixy has indeed spotted what appears to be the LX85000 within one of the teaser photos from #reebokclassicsuk on Twitter. That unmistakeable black lacehole detail is not seen on any other Reebok, and only the DL5600, GL6000 and 6500 share the stability wave on the front midsole… Ok the white laces are a little different, but could suit it pretty well. I’ll ping my contact at Classics UK and see if he can confirm. This is one of the most exciting UK runners to be retro’d since the GL6000 woven labels in 2009. Thanks again Dixy! —BokOne

CL — Reebok x Mita

Following a similiar design approach to the ‘Frank the Butcher’ CL collabs by breaking up the panelling these Mitas’ are a curious addition to the ongoing 2013 Classic Leather 30th Anniversary releases. More waffle + pictures after the jump.  Read the rest of this entry

Teaser photos — Reebok Classics UK

Dixy on the detective tip once again, spotted these Twitter posts from #reebokclassicsuk. Some interesting shoes hidden within what could be archival models (such as GL6000, Phase II, Omni Pump Lite, ERS1500, Dash Runner, Ventilator, Insta Pump Fury, Dual Running Pump, many CL’s etc…) Dixy thought he spotted some LX8500 retro’s in there somewhere, but I can’t see them – much as I want to! However, most exciting for me are the possible Rapide retros (shown in the 2nd image, bagged and circled) Dixy added a reference image of the OG Rapides too. Here’s hoping Reebok! Rapides were my own first pair of Retroboks 😀 —BokOne

Insta Pump Fury — “Koi/Cherry Blossom”

Wow. Absolutely stunning makeup on these Insta Pump Furys — inspired by much loved traditions of Japan – the Koi (Carp) Fish and Cherry Blossom. Love the alternating front/back Koi scale patterns, Cherry Blossom inner lining, Koi sockliner print and the inclusion of 2 Koi hangtags and additional Reebok Hangtag. Let alone the superb colour palette chosen throughout. These really are a collectors dream —  keep your eyes peeled around early May! —BokOne

Pump Twilight Zone — “New York”

Releasing 3rd of May, these Twilight Zones are in one pretty hot colourway — inspired by the New York Knicks colours. These are pretty fresh. Remember also, the Black, Grey and Whites are still on sale at UK’s Crooked Tongues, and discounted many other places too. Info via SneakerNews —BokOne


Pickup & Review — Shaq Attaq 2013 Retro

Huge thanks go to Retrobok visitor and contributor Russell ‘Bobby Necro’ Hall for his photos & review of the 2013 Shaq Attaq retro. Read on for the full review! —BokOne

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Court Victory Pump — Black/Blue, Red/Blue/White

Here’s 2 smart and spring-like makeups of the 1990 Michael Chang-endorsed Court Victory Pump. I was never convinced this shoe had much beauty, with that slightly odd shark-like midsole detail but these are looking pretty sharp. The details continue to the Pump mechanism itself – whilst it’s lost it’s lurid yellow-green Tennis ball colouring in both cases, it retains the texturing detail. The mesh upper panelling complete these nicely – working particularly well in Blue. Both available now in the US at OneNess Boutique. Info via EUKicks – more pics after the jump. —BokOne

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CL — Geezer

Hahahahahahahaha! Love the little description added to this CL info panel over at Swedish site SixFeetDown (aka Caliroots). —BokOne

Classics brand pop-up Store — Lyon, France

This pop-up store has recently opened (surely, ‘popped up’) in the shopping centre at Part-Dieu in Lyon, and will be open until the end of September. Great to see the Classics brand get focus like this — selling classic runners, Pumps and limited editions under the Classics brand may not be so viable in the USA but it seems more appropriate in Europe, and perhaps Asia. Click on for more pictures. Info via Shoes-Up. (photos: William Roden / Waf Agency) —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

25 Reeboks (Complex) would like to see Retro’d

Interesting article over at Complex, listing 25 Reeboks they’d like to see retro’d. Being US-based, the choices are inevitable nearly all Pumps/B-ballers, with a few exceptions (and images lifted from Retrobok it seems – never seem to get any credits from other sites I notice, no damn respect…).

Some minor notes for Complex : the ACT 600 tennis shoe *has* been retro’d recently, and is still available in a few stores. I’d also argue there are some examples which probably should be remembered, but not retro’d…. the hideous Reebok Rush for example —

But it’s nice to see Reebok history being focussed on and shows some seriously curious sneaker designs. I’ll update the Retrobok archive sections accordingly, and give credit where credit’s due, eh Complex? —BokOne

Pump Fury — Reebok x Sneakersnstuff ‘Legal Issues’

Very interesting makeup by Swedish SNS on the Pump Fury.

‘Legal Issues’ … might sound like a harsh name, but we will give you the background to it. When we came up with the idea of this white furry Fury with irregular black dots on it, we had something in mind. This something is something that has been, still is and will continue to be an inspiration for many generations, not only in Sweden but world wide. So to make a tribute to this something we went for a part of that something that we felt was suitable for the Reebok Pump Fury.

But as many of todays inspirations are, this something comes with a trademark. So, as we rather not would like to have a lawsuit in our laps from that something that really inspired us and that we wanted to make a tribute to, we rather call this the Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Pump Fury ”Legal Issues”.

So let the speculations begin… We will of course deny everything!

According to SNS these will be available on April 25th from Sneakersnstuff, Packer Shoes, Hanon Shop, Solebox, Colette, Mita Sneakers, Foot patrol, Burn Rubber, Atmos, Highs & Lows, Vault, Livestock, BTNC, Limited Edition, Bodega, Crooked Tongues, Kasina and Shoe Gallery. More pics after the jump, or pop over to SNS themselves. —BokOne

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2013 — City Classics collection

Involving 12 international Graffiti Artists, and curated by Stash (behind the NORT and Recon brands) Reebok have announced further CL’s will be released later this year, marking the 30th Anniversary celebrations. These could provide interesting results — possibly being bolder than the Fisz x Reebok makeup just released. Teaser video above. —BokOne

Freestyle Hi Wedge — Alicia Keys

I wasn’t quite sure whether to categorize these as ORIGINALS or RE-ISSUES here on Retrobok, but marked them as both – and that seems to make sense. In 3 bold colourways with AK button details on the heel these are now available alongside their original makeups at ;