1960’s sections added

Retrobok expands again! With huge thanks to David Gumbley at NoSugar for a superb set of 1960’s Reebok catalogues and mail-order material. This has spawned 2 new sections here on Retrobok: the 1960’s shoe archive page, and a 60’s Media page.

Great to see into Reeboks’ first full decade – David himself noted an interesting pattern of Reebok advertising —

  • 1965 hardly a Reebok advert in sight- but then hardly any adverts in sight!
  • 1966 and 1967, Reebok was advertising actively, this was a bit more subdued in 1968, but they did launch the Athletica shop in 1968 and their adverts changed until half way through 1969, they signed a contract with a company to act as distributor after which there are a couple more full page adverts in 1969 then hardly anything in 1970.

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the ‘sidestripe cross-check’ more familiar today started appearing, whereas sixties Reeboks can be characterised with their triple side-striped designs inspired by the antlers of the Reebok (Rhebok/Antelope). shown below —

And finally, was this one of Reeboks first piece of branded clothing?

David – thank you!


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