25 Reeboks (Complex) would like to see Retro’d

Interesting article over at Complex, listing 25 Reeboks they’d like to see retro’d. Being US-based, the choices are inevitable nearly all Pumps/B-ballers, with a few exceptions (and images lifted from Retrobok it seems – never seem to get any credits from other sites I notice, no damn respect…).

Some minor notes for Complex : the ACT 600 tennis shoe *has* been retro’d recently, and is still available in a few stores. I’d also argue there are some examples which probably should be remembered, but not retro’d…. the hideous Reebok Rush for example —

But it’s nice to see Reebok history being focussed on and shows some seriously curious sneaker designs. I’ll update the Retrobok archive sections accordingly, and give credit where credit’s due, eh Complex? —BokOne

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