Pickup & Review — Shaq Attaq 2013 Retro

Huge thanks go to Retrobok visitor and contributor Russell ‘Bobby Necro’ Hall for his photos & review of the 2013 Shaq Attaq retro. Read on for the full review! —BokOne

“April 19th was an important day for Reebok. Finally after all these years the famed Shaq Attaq basketball shoes were available to buy once again. Reebok had been building the hype on these for some time and a limited-number, midnight-release fuelled the hunger for many fans and collectors.

As a Pump collector and huge fan of Reebok in the 90’s, this release was something I had been following since the rumours of a retro started to surface online around a year ago.

I was 12 years old when the Shaqs were originally released and don’t remember ever seeing them in sports shops or in town. The first time I saw this shoe was in pictures on collectors forums when I first started using the internet to track down pumps and talk sneakers with other collectors. I remember seeing them as a work of art. The white, azure blue and black colourway really did it for me and the black accents on the sides just popped so nicely. Over the years I saw a few pairs on eBay. Either the wrong size or way too expensive!

Now that release day was looming, surprisingly I started to find myself almost on the fence about picking them up! ‘But why!?’ you ask…well, even though I love this sneaker and aesthetically I find them stunning, I like to wear my kicks and was concerned whether I could pull them off with my regular jeans and shirts as I wasn’t about to hit the courts and smash some backboards in them any time soon!

Anyway I took the plunge as I had a feeling that if I missed out I would never stop regretting it. I waited up ’til 00.01 and bagged a pair online. After a weekend of waiting I got the delivery and opened them up. This was the first time ever seeing and holding a real pair.

Visually, I was pleased and they looked identical to the online pictures. After a closer look at the materials I did notice some slight creasing already around the toe area! The leather on these is super soft and I can see after some good wearing is gonna crease big time —

The azure blue material looks great and has a reflective property without being too in your face. I love the white plastic eyelets and along with the black accents are my favourite features of the shoe. Overall quality is good, but not great in all honesty. I’d say 8 out of 10. I never saw the OG’s so I can’t really compare but there are a few rough edges. For example the lining at the top of one of my shoes has been roughly cut and comes out over the leather slightly —

I also noticed a small grubby mark near the front of the toe on the sole unit which looks like a glue clean up —

Mind you, this doesn’t make me like the shoe any less. I’m just pleased to have them finally and I would not part with them.

The comfort factor for me is 10 out of 10. They feel seriously supportive and cushioned, which obviously they were designed to be! The Pump function works perfectly and when pumped the shoes hug your feet just right. The Graphlite sole unit is solid and standing in these feels great too. I’m no ‘baller but I could definitely see myself playing in these if I had a spare pair to ruin 😉

So, in conclusion this is a great retro and an important release which has caused a stir in the sneaker community. People queued in line, camped overnight and waited for the clock to strike midnight to grab a pair of Shaq Attaqs — behaviour which is mainly associated with Nike and Jordan brand releases. It’s great to see Reebok getting this kind of love and I hope to see it carry on.

Just remember though Reebok, quality is imperative!”

— Russell ‘Bobby Necro’ Hall


Russells’ Collector Feature here on Retrobok can also be viewed here. Thanks again! —BokOne

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