LX8500… to be retro’d?!!

While this might not seem to warrant it’s own post (a simple update to the previous post on this subject should have sufficed) — but eagle-eyed Dixy has indeed spotted what appears to be the LX85000 within one of the teaser photos from #reebokclassicsuk on Twitter. That unmistakeable black lacehole detail is not seen on any other Reebok, and only the DL5600, GL6000 and 6500 share the stability wave on the front midsole… Ok the white laces are a little different, but could suit it pretty well. I’ll ping my contact at Classics UK and see if he can confirm. This is one of the most exciting UK runners to be retro’d since the GL6000 woven labels in 2009. Thanks again Dixy! —BokOne

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  1. The ‘stability wave’ was used on GL6000, GL6100, LX8500 and DL5600.