Teaser photos — Reebok Classics UK

Dixy on the detective tip once again, spotted these Twitter posts from #reebokclassicsuk. Some interesting shoes hidden within what could be archival models (such as GL6000, Phase II, Omni Pump Lite, ERS1500, Dash Runner, Ventilator, Insta Pump Fury, Dual Running Pump, many CL’s etc…) Dixy thought he spotted some LX8500 retro’s in there somewhere, but I can’t see them – much as I want to! However, most exciting for me are the possible Rapide retros (shown in the 2nd image, bagged and circled) Dixy added a reference image of the OG Rapides too. Here’s hoping Reebok! Rapides were my own first pair of Retroboks 😀 —BokOne

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  1. Top pic,Underneath the upside down inferno.
    LX8500 #wishfullthinking …!