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NPC Vintage, nubuck


The NPC or Newport Classic is a shoe I need to understand more: it qualifies as a true Retrobok shoe, hailing from Reeboks’ most succesful period in the 80’s, yet leaves me cold. Was it an Adidas or Puma imitation? Was it a Terrace Shoe? And which Newport – UK or US – inspired its name? These 3 Vintage releases are available now from UK based Oki-Ni. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the NPC. —BokOne

Cheap Pump Omni Lites, UK

Ok so these are in Winter colours, and these Pump Omni Lites might not be in the most inspiring colourway but they’re available now for a bargain £28 from Express Trainers (limited sizes). Ideal for a British Springtime! —BokOne

Phase II retro — Korean colourways emerging

As I mentioned a few days ago, I need to visit Reebok Koreas’ website at least twice a day to keep up… just spotted 3 fresh colourways of the Phase II retro, and fresh they are too. Reebok Korea: 두드러진! Phase II (Reebok Korea) —BokOne

CL 30th Anniversary — ‘Korea Pack’

I’ve seen these on Reebok Koreas’ website for a few weeks now, and they’re pretty tidy treatments to the CL’s. Designed in-house at Reebok apparently too. 1 of the pairs runs a very OG Paris Runner colourway. Some really nice pictures out there too (it’s all looking a bit 80’s for these lads above!). Click on for more of the 4 treatments. Only available at this moment in time from Reebok Korea —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Sneakersnstuff teaser video

Covering familiar SNS makeups covered here on Retrobok, as well as Question Mida and DMX 10’s, a couple of shoes are quickly tossed around by one of Swedens’ Sneakersnstuff staff to tease us (well… they’re Pump Omni Lites, Insta Pump Furys….). Allegedly, SNS are releasing 1 shoe per month this year, though I don’t believe every month will be Reebok. Keep your eyes peeled! SNS. —BokOne

Reebok x Highs and Lows CL CTM

So 2013 is now definitely the year of contrast panelling on Reebok sneakers, particularly the Classic Leather 30th Anniversary. Perth (Australias) Highs And Lows  have again collaborated with Reebok to create these unique specimens. I spotted the words ROAST GREEN COFFEE within the image information, which is curious.  ; I’d almost say these have an Australian inspired colourway, but have been told that HypeBeast will reveal all in a week or so. Global release date confirmed to me by Reebok Classics as July 13th. More pics after the jump! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Thanks, Reebok!

A slightly overdue thanks to Reebok for sending me a pair of Shaq Attaqs and Classic Whites pack Twilight Zones as a thanks to Retrobok. Makes me feel incredibly proud that Reebok have been using Retrobok as a resource, and for reference. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t thank the likes of David Foster, David Gumbley, DefyNewYork, Dixy, Alex Schuh, Russel Hall and all Retroboks‘ regular contributors and visitors too. Retrobok will continue apace, and I still aim that the site can become THE place people visit first for the latest classic Reebok news. I also hope to have some very special features here soon…. watch this space, and thanks again 🙂 —BokOne

SALE! Pump Fury HLS, Kamikaze III, Sole Trainer, Ex o Fit Hi

Ok so a couple of these shoes are slightly outside Retroboks’ radar but with all well under the £35 mark they’re a bit of a steal. In limited sizes over at Europe/UK based Express Trainers. —BokOne

1990 Mantra HXL = Sole Trainer

Something I’m sure many of you knew; the recently-available ‘Sole Trainer is a retro of the 1990 Mantra HXL. The ‘Sole Trainer‘ name really doesn’t help strengthen its’ 90’s heritage, nor its identity. Either way, it’s a timewarp piece of 90’s Reebok currently available in 2 of the above colourways (in limited sizes) at Amazon UK. —BokOne

Classic Leather Leather Classic!

Teaser image via @ReebokClassics on Twitter, showing the CL with a full-grain leather treatment. I think I need to dedicate a new section on Retrobok to the 2013 Classic Leather 30th Anniversary makeups to keep track 😉 —BokOne

ERS 1500 — 5 x samples including Aztec colourway!

UPDATED Huge thanks to my Polish contact Piotr for pointing me at these, on a Polish auction site. These are apparently 2013 samples including a pair based on the legendary 1979 Reebok Aztec colourway — they also show up the versatility of the ERS 1500. Many many pics and link after the jump. —BokOne 

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Huge updates to Retrobok Shoe Archives


Dozens of shoe models from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s added to their respective pages — the 90’s page has gained most,  following the 1990 Germany Catalogue I received recently (6 fine examples shown above, though the bottom 2 are technically 80’s shoes). Thanks again to Alexander Schuh for sending me the 1990 Reebok Germany catalogue 🙂 —BokOne

Additional : These pages are now becoming so expansive, I’m looking for a Photo Sharing site solution for the Retrobok Shoe Archives to move into. If you have a suggestion, let me know in the comments. The usual contenders (flickr, photobucket etc…) are not ideal for this purpose it seems… ~b1

Solebox’ Hikmet talks about the CL ‘Sturnella Militaris’

Berlins’ Solebox has recently unveiled it’s striking ‘Sturnella Militaris’ Classic Leather makeup, in black leather and red seude. Hikmet, one of the 2 Solebox owning brothers, talks about his stores relationship with Reebok and shows us around Berlin Zoo as well. Nice bonus there. Via HypeBeastTV —BokOne

GL6000 Field-Guide updated

I’ve added the most recent South Korean & US colourways, as well as updating other details. Can’t believe the 6000 has now had around 33 Retro colourways to date…. GL6000 Field Guide —BokOne

Field Guide — World Best Retro’s

I’ve just added a Retro Field Guide to the 1987 ‘World Best‘ runner to the Field Guides section. A few things to note about this shoe include – quite obviously – the lack of side stripes, the single-sided application of the Reebok logo on the upper and the fact that they were most likely designed by Reebok USA, who had designed the 1986 PB. Personally, it’s one of my favourite retros’ ; great quality, totally accurate, and wholly befitting a Retrobok section of their own. Remember to check out the unboxing & macro photos of my own pair of World Best too. —BokOne