ERS 1500 — 5 x samples including Aztec colourway!

UPDATED Huge thanks to my Polish contact Piotr for pointing me at these, on a Polish auction site. These are apparently 2013 samples including a pair based on the legendary 1979 Reebok Aztec colourway — they also show up the versatility of the ERS 1500. Many many pics and link after the jump. —BokOne 

3257717184Zdjecie001 (2)Zdjecie003 (2)Zdjecie004 (3)3252575285Zdjecie001 (3)Zdjecie003 (4)Zdjecie004 (4)3247072938Zdjecie001 (1)Zdjecie003 (3)3270194246Zdjecie001Zdjecie003 (1)Zdjecie004 (1)

Currently available in size 42 at Polish Allegro auction site.

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