Huge updates to Retrobok Shoe Archives


Dozens of shoe models from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s added to their respective pages — the 90’s page has gained most,  following the 1990 Germany Catalogue I received recently (6 fine examples shown above, though the bottom 2 are technically 80’s shoes). Thanks again to Alexander Schuh for sending me the 1990 Reebok Germany catalogue 🙂 —BokOne

Additional : These pages are now becoming so expansive, I’m looking for a Photo Sharing site solution for the Retrobok Shoe Archives to move into. If you have a suggestion, let me know in the comments. The usual contenders (flickr, photobucket etc…) are not ideal for this purpose it seems… ~b1

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  1. Photo sharing site requirements for Retrobok Shoe Archives are ;

    Multi-depth folder/album organisation (more then 2 depths)
    Sortable, taggable Photos.
    No limitations on number of photo uploads per month / mb’s per month
    Community contribution
    Fast and usable UI
    Good site appearance, modifiable themes
    Low advert prevalence