LX8500 — Vintage Pack F/W 2013 — Full images

mastheadClick on for the full set of images of these forthcoming legends.
Available from July 1st 2013

V48986_1 V48986_2



V48986_4  V48987_1 V48987_2 V48987_3




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  1. Absolutely awesome – I’ve waited so long for the OG grey – I will have at least two pairs!

  2. Looks like these aren’t coming to the UK –


    Customer Ref No: 893792

    Dear Drew

    Thank you for your recent email regarding Reebok footwear.

    Unfortunately, we are unaware of any plans to reintroduce the Reebok LX 8500
    within the UK, therefore, we are unable to assist you further on this occasion.

    We are sorry for any disappointment caused but would like to take this opportunity
    to thank you for your interest in the Reebok brand.

    Yours sincerely

    Thomas Owen
    Customer Care Manager
    For and on behalf of Reebok UK

  3. Thanks Droo, I was getting worried about these…

  4. I am gutted – was really looking forward to getting a couple of the greys, but I won’t pay silly money to some American on eBay for them!

  5. Well… don’t be too worried droo, they look like they’ll be available in Oz through Highs and Lows, and likely they’ll be in Europe too — I have a Reebok press release on these which states a €105.00 price point… 🙂 Perhaps the Reebok guy who replied to you doesn’t have much knowledge of the Classics division/products.

  6. Here’s hoping!