LX8500 Vintage Pack: The Original, and the 2000’s retros

Continuing Retroboks’ excitement about the forthcoming LX8500 Vintage Pack, here’s a summation of media & info I could find about the original 1985 shoe, as well as the mid-2000’s retros.


The Original — 1985

The original – only available in the Railroad Grey/Creme/Black colourway – was Reeboks’ flagship running shoe in 1985, boasting the ‘glove leather’ upper, dipped heel tab, 3m Scotchlite reflective trim, “contoured heel stabilizer” and –  like its sister shoes the GL6000 – a Goodyear Indy 500 outsole. The eponymous “Impact Support Waves” or  “Midsole Flex Wave” (also seen on the 6000 and the DL5600) connected these shoes in spirit, and set a visible pricepoint precident too. Whether the Wave really did anything is another question… Perforations in the upper in the toe box and below the sidestripes helped this leather runner breathe a little easier.


“Reeboks glove leather LX 8500 (left) gives you the feeling you should arrive at the starting line of your next race in a Rolls [Royce]”


“The flagship of the new generation of Reebok shoes. Like its near relations the GL6000 and DL5600 it shares a pre-moulded EVA midsole, is combination lasted – which ensures flexibility in the front of the shoe and enhanced rear foot stability, and the night running safety feature of 3m Scotchlite. It even has a Goodyear Indy 500 outersole. But the stunning feature is the soft garment leather upper which quickly shapes to one’s foot, and of course breathes. Yes, a serious running shoe that combines the tradition of leather with today’s technology. Weight: 297 grams (Size 8.5), sizes 6-12 (UK).”

It’s not hugely clear how well received or reviewed the OG LX8500 was, nor how well it sold but the lack of original examples available today suggest it was an expensive – and rare – beast indeed.

The first retros — mid-2000’s

There were are number of curious retros of the GL6000, 6500 and LX8500 in the mid-2000’s. Some – I believe this is BokTwos‘ own pair – completely lacked the Midsole Flex Wave, but certainly had plenty of reflective material!


Where these retros were made is still a mystery – whilst they were Retroboks’ in spirit the accuracy and quality left a lot to be desired. However, in the OG colourway particularly – these would fool most (the inaccurate Flex Wave, and heel counters are the biggest giveaway) —



Then things seemed to go a bit crazy in Asia, with 12 colourways shown in this Japanese catalogue —

2001 SDC19314

A familiar few of these colourways can be found easily – and readily – online to this day it seems. Here’s some more online colourways —

LX8500_2005a lx8500ah8ss lx8500asaa lx8500sas lx8500sd lx8500sdasd

Whilst these first wave of LX8500 retros weren’t quite the real deal, they were a positive glimpse of the future for Reebok retros, at the time there was little in the way of Retroboks around (at least in the UK)- save for the usual Classic Leathers, and CL Nylons.

2013 — Vintage Pack

Fast forward about 8 years and we arrive at a special moment in Reebok Classics releases…

More soon! —BokOne

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  1. First retro’s were in ’99 to be exact & although the tiny details were not spot on the quality of them & the fit, very narrow as the OG’s hit the nail on the head. I personally will be breaking out my 99’s in quick time before these ’13’s hit stores. Not liking the yellowing though as it looks a bit half arsed.