Fall/Winter 2013 — Fitness Heritage Pack

Featuring the Freestyle Hi, Princess, Workout Mid, Ex-O-Fit Hi, Classic Exertion Mid, and Classic Leather, this pack sees a very smart and pure treatment applied to these legendary 80’s shoes. I’m particularly impressed with the inclusion of the Workout Mids, and Classic Exertion Mid – a shoe I’m not sure I was aware of before. I’ll have to check Retroboks’ media archives! Plenty of images below, with captions to help identify the subtle differences between these great-looking shoes in this pack. All available July 1st from selected stores, and online. —BokOne


Freestyle Hi


Classic Leather




Workout Mid


Ex-O-Fit Hi


Classic Exertion Mid

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  1. So, freah & so clean, clean!

    Do my eyes deceive me or does the box logo, going into the top Vector stripe have a slight tumbled leather to it?

  2. It’s synthetic. No leather… Reebok stopped using leather in their sneakers awhile back. Pumas has as well. As a result, the shoes don’t stretch like garment leather does, so you have to buy them a size up. It’s a shame that we’re still paying the same price (or more, because of inflation) and getting PLASTIC instead of leather.