Fall/Winter 2013 — Suede Pack — Classic Leather, Freestyle Hi


The Suede Pack above features 4 colourways for Mens & Womens Classic Leather, and 5 for the Womens’ Freestyle Hi (notice the similiar colourway on the Womens Teal/Paperwhite pair to the recent Burn Rubber ‘Spirit of Detroit’ Mens CL). “The Suede Pack features a lux finish on Classic silhouettes. The suede execution gives a rich, stylized feel while distinctive colorways add depth and impact. Subtle tones including khaki, blue, burgundy and grey add an earthy, tonal feel to the Classic Leather, while bold red, pink, purple and emerald colors create rich, jewel toned hues on key silhouettes; the Classic Leather and Freestyle Hi. Specially embossed ‘30th Anniversary, since 1983’ detail adorns the Classic Leather, providing a nod to its heritage.” The Suede Pack is available from selected stores and online on July 1st 2013. —BokOne



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