BTNC X Reebok — Classic Leather


BTNC – aka Beatnic – are a Fullerton, California-based store now part of the Reebok Certified Network. With that bestowed upon them, they’ve gone a near-full camo treatment on the upper with a flame orange inner and black heel tab detailing. Curious that the tongue label is the stock Reebok Classic + Starcrest emblem, and not the 30th Anniversary nor BTNC’s own design. No specific release date for these, other than ‘late summer’. Images via Hypebeast. Click on for more. —BokOne 

btnc-x-reebok-classic-leather-30th-anniversary-1 btnc-x-reebok-classic-leather-30th-anniversary-2 btnc-x-reebok-classic-leather-30th-anniversary-3 btnc-x-reebok-classic-leather-30th-anniversary-4  btnc-x-reebok-classic-leather-30th-anniversary-6

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