GL 1500 — More colourways spotted, and fakes…

There’s some mystery to the recent appearance of the new GL 1500 retro shoe. For example: out of these 3 new colourways, 2 appear to be fake. The giveaways are the strange CL-inspired outsoles and tiny Reebok branding window. The mystery deepens as all 3 are apparently on sale from Polish stores, with one store showing ‘out of stock’ and another with a reduced sale price….! If you’re ordering a pair of these: beware. Lots of pics of these after the jump. ebuty butysportowe / e-megasportsurfdome —BokOne 

GL1500 (1)GL1500 (10) GL1500 (11) GL1500 (12) GL1500 (13)
GL1500 (9)
GL1500 (14)GL1500 (3)GL1500 (4)
GL1500 (2)GL1500 (5)GL1500 (6)GL1500 (18)GL1500 (19)
GL1500 (7)GL1500 (20)
GL1500 (8)

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