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LX 8500 — Available now in Germany?


German store Asphalt Gold (great name!) appears to be offering the Vintage Pack LX 8500 in the Railroad Grey colourway above RIGHT NOW at €119. The photo above certainly appears to be consistent with their other photography so while I don’t doubt they have the shoes, I still believe release date is September. If you know otherwise please contact me. Thanks to Stephan Drescher for the tip! AsphaltGold. —BokOne

Palace Skateboards X Reebok Classic


Awesome short, grainy VHS-style promo vid for a Reebok collaboration with UK Skateboard specialists Palace. With what looks like 2 makeups each of the Workout Plus, and the CL Vintage, and featuring the Palace logo on the tongues these are a collaboration slightly out of the norm for Reebok — and more interesting for that reason. I’d be particularly interested to see how Skateboarders view the Classic Leather. Street date shown in the video is 12th July 2013. Via The Daily Street, and thanks to Dumisani K 😀 —BokOne

Reebok X Solebox Twilight Zone Pump


These fantastic Pump Twilight Zone collabs between Germanys’ Solebox and Reebok don’t yet have a release date — but Solebox are doing a great job of teasing us before they drop. With details such as a glow-in-the-dark sole, reflective tongue, UV colour-changing lace placket and in a soft grey nubuck – these limited editions will fly off the shelves without a doubt. More pics after the jump! Solebox —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 — Red/Black colourway, CL full grain leathers


Over at PumpMyLife blog are these pics of more 2013/2014 Reebok Classics releases, including Pump Blacktops, Ventilators, ERS 2000’s, the full-grain leather CL’s shown above… and another bold new colourway for the – yet unreleased – LX 8500 (far right – you can also spy the green colourway hiding behind.). As BokTwo pointed out, you can clearly see the reflective 3M arc on the 8500’s, picked up behind the black CL’s. PumpMyLife —BokOne


BTNC discuss their Reebok CL 30th collab

Another sweet video seeing inside the minds of the partners within the Reebok Certified Network (RCN). BTNC (Beatnic) are a California based boutique. Video via Hypebeast TV. —BokOne

GL 1500 — Leather makeups spotted

Screenshots_2013-06-29-12-18-00 Screenshots_2013-07-03-23-13-51

BokTwo has spotted these 2 very smart makeups of the brand new GL 1500 retro shoe on Instagram and eBay. These leather treatments would put it on a slightly higher quality level than the ERS 1500 and I’m really feeling the slim silhouette of these. Great work Reebok — we’ll be looking out for further release info and posting here when we find it 🙂 —BokOne

Garbstore x Reebok 2013 Fall/Winter “Outside In” Preview


I’m really really blown away by these. Yes, those are GL 6000’s above with a quite simply brilliantly-executed theme of ‘inside out’ resulting in an incredibly fresh and exciting look. With 5 shoes running 2 makeups each this collection transforms retro Reeboks into something a little more haute couture – helped particularly by the lack of clear branding. Release scheduling is detailed as ‘July – October’ which is somewhat confusing – the earlier the better if these are released in the UK, as summer only lasts for about 1 week in July…. 😀  Info and images via HypeBeast, thanks to Alex Schuh for the heads up. Click on for more! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 — Third 2013 colourway sneak peek

Photo 30-05-2013 13 49 34

BokTwo has been wearing his detectives’ Trilby & Macintosh and hunted us down this sneak peek of another LX 8500 colourway. Without an insert it’s lost its silhouette a little, and I’m rather mixed about this colourway if I’m honest – but moreover I’m really hoping that Reebok stagger the new colourways until after the 2 Vintage Pack shoes drop. BokTwo is working hard on getting quality shots of the other new colourways, will post up as soon as he does – thanks Dixy 😀 —BokOne

1995 UK Footwear Collection Spring/Summer


Feauturing 101 pages, and literally hundreds of 1995-era Reebok footwear, this is one of the largest Catalogues I’ve added to Retrobok. With curio’s such as Pump Walking Boots, Hexalite Sandals ( 😦 ), the Insta-Pumps’ Father: the Graphlite Road HXL, Trail running shoes – which inspired the recent CL Trails, well… there’s simply too many to mention. So get in there, browse and find your own gems! Many thanks to Dumisani Kopotsha for providing this superb material. Check it out in the MEDIA section above, or just click > 1995 UK Footwear Collection Spring/Summer —BokOne

Phase II — New colourways hit Europe

3 of the above colourways were originally available from Reebok Korea back in May/June, but now they’ve been joined by a fourth with the baby blue colourway shown top. Really loving the slightly alternative colourways! These classic Phase II makeups are now available in Europe from – yep – Switzerlands’ Titolo. —BokOne

ERS 1500 — Paprika/White/Blue/Black

Another new ‘1500 colourway spotted at Switzerlands’ awesome Titolo – Reebok are seriously pumping these out! If you think they’re familiar, well… kinda – they’re similiar to one of the earlier colourways shown below. Available now alongside another 6 colourways at Titolo. —BokOne

Early ERS 1500 colourway – White/Steel/Blue Red


Stash X Reebok ‘City Classics’ — Pre-order @ Overkill

Berlin’s superb Overkill store is now taking pre-orders for the exciting City Classics pack, which will be instore on July 3rd and online on July 4th. Eklips, Wane, Stash and Stash editions shown above in order. Get in there quick, you know how fast these CL 30th Anniversary ltd. editions go!!! Overkill (Berlin) —BokOne

Insta Pump Fury — Olive/Orange, Teal Gem/Nuclear Yellow, Tetra Blue/Red


Looking not unlike a group of super-heroes in these colourways, these super fresh Insta Pumps’ have just landed at UK’s End for £135 a pop. Featuring the familiar features such as the the Pump exo-skeletal upper, Hexalite, Graphlite Arc Bridge and OG-accurate hexalite cutaway in the rear midsole this is a very bold pack which even Steven Smith would be proud of. End (UK) —BokOne