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Classic Jam — 3 fresh colourways

Reebok are having some fun with the Classic Jam colourways, with these 3 currently available at Reebok UK, each featuring a speckled midsole details and Hexalite technology. The Classic Jam was inspired by early 90’s Reverse Jam and Thunder Jam, with the CJ losing Reeboks’ all-too-familiar sidestripe crosscheck. Reebok UK. —BokOne

GL 6000 — Teal Gem/Tweed Brown/White

I almost feel like I’m sleeping on the job now – these just appeared online at my local store LACED, and I was only speaking with the guys last week – don’t remember them telling me about these! The colour description on these seems a bit off though, I’d say that flexwave colour was the same Olive as the Red/Olives I spotted a few days ago – and they certainly appear to be the same pack as seen over at Extra Butter NY.  I’ll be popping into LACED again soon to have a polite word in their ear and check these out 😉 Very nice indeed! LACED (Brisbane, Australia) —BokOne


GL 1500 — Black/Techy Red/White







These leather GL 1500‘s have just appeared on Swedens’ Shelta site, and are looking superb right down to the details. This is a brand new retro shoe from Reebok Classics with a GL 6000-inspired upper, Dash Runner toebox details, and the awesome World Best mid and outsole. The quality of these (as I’ve mentioned before) seems a step above the ERS 1500 retro shoe from last year, which is very reassuring to see. Head on over to Shelta and pick up a pair – Shelta (Sweden) —BokOne

LX 8500 now available from Reebok UK & US Stores


The LX 8500 has now appeared on Reeboks’ official UK store in the railroad grey colourway at £90. In the US both colourways are available (slightly tough pill to swallow for UK Reebok fans it has to be said), but ahead of the September release date the global boutique stores have been waiting for. These haven’t yet appeared on the Asian or other European Reebok store sites from what I can see. Reebok UK / Reebok US. —BokOne

Classics Autumn/Winter Lookbook by Sneaker Freaker

Short’n’sweet promo video from Sneaker Freaker Germany, showcasing a few Autumn/Winter releases from Reebok Classics. Featuring the GL 6000 OG retros, Infernos and Ventilators – the LX 8500 is mentioned but doesn’t actually feature. Still a nice bit of fun – enjoy! —BokOne

More Reebok X Garbstore ‘Outside In’ pics

reebokgarbstoredrop1_r10_c1 (1)reebokgarbstoredrop1_r12_c1reebokgarbstoredrop1_r24_c1 (1)reebokgarbstoredrop1_r26_c1reebokgarbstoredrop1_r6_c1 (1)reebokgarbstoredrop1_r8_c1reebokgarbstoredrop1_r14_c1 (1)reebokgarbstoredrop1_r16_c1reebokgarbstoredrop1_r18_c1reebokgarbstoredrop1_r20_c1 (1)reebokgarbstoredrop1_r22_c1reebokgarbstoredrop1_r28_c1 (1)reebokgarbstoredrop1_r30_c1reebokgarbstoredrop1_r32_c1

Still loving the almost-unrecognisable GL 6000’s here, reason being they are actually identified as the ‘GS CL LTHR 6000’ and run a CL style heel tab instead of the OG 6000’s dipped tab. Keep any eye on Hanon where the 1st of the 2 pack drops are expected soon. —BokOne

Classic Leather Retro Suede Italy

I wasn’t entirely sure where to place apostrophes or hyphenation into the title of these ; “Classic Leather Retro Suede Italy” but instead I’ll just say how much I’m loving these 😀 Very little hype, simple and pure retro designs, colourful makeups, subtle vintage glue treatment….  They wouldn’t be included within one of Retroboks’ header images if I didn’t love them so much. Available now from End (UK). —BokOne


Revive Customs — Shaqnosis ‘Tide’


Model: Adoch Acemah, Photographer: George Mckenzie Jr.

Revive Customs, aka Evan Macpherson, recently emailed me some images of his latest project — a Tide-inspired custom of the Reebok Shaqnosis. As you’ll quickly realise when exploring his website, this guy has an amazing talent and level of craftmanship that is a joy to behold. If you remember a previous Retrobok post last year, he was also responsible for a pair of custom Alien Stompers in the accurate Aliens film colourway. Due to legal reasons, this pair of Shaqnosis aren’t officially for sale but you are welcome to enquire about his products at Click on for more pictures of these! Revive Customs —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Reebok X AAPE Insta Pump Fury “Camo” — more pics, release date


Some very tasty shots from Hypebeast of this simply awesome makeup of the 1994 Insta Pump Fury ; apparently scheduled for release on August 24th at AAPE and Reebok Certified Network stores around the world. Info + images via Hypebeast —BokOne

Reebok X Garbstore “Outside In” — coming soon?

Looks like Hanon are teasing us with the forthcoming arrival of the “Outside In” pack collab between Reebok and Garbstore, so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the pre-order of these. The teaser image above only shows 3 of the 5 shoes originally shown (see here) and those 2 shoes at the end are GL 6000’s, in subtly different colourways it seems. Great stuff though – more quality collabs which Reebok deserve to be commended for. Hanon Shop (UK). —BokOne

Classic Leather Lux — Horween


We spotted these premium leather CL makeups a few months ago, so it’s great to see they’re now on pre-order at a number of stores like Hanon. A very smart treatment indeed, decked with premium leather to the upper courtesy of Chicagos’ Horween Leather Company – this release adds a touch of maturity to the 30th Anniversary year of the Reebok Classic. Jump for more pics! Hanon Shop (UK) —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 — Korea — 2 x more!

V54913-1 V54914-1

Blink and you’d miss them! Some more routine detective work led me to Reebok Korea where another 2 ‘unisex’ colourways have appeared, They haven’t appeared officially outside Korea as yet but there’s an sale…) . So, cue some more shots featuring Korean model/singer Sohee, some slightly crunchy GL 6000 statics I spotted at a ‘friends’ Facebook page, and another picture of Sohee being directed by a guy I think I may know 😉 Plenty more images after the jump! Reebok Korea. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Gl 6000 – Red/Olive

Yet another colourway of the stability-focussed 1986 classic has just appeared over at US-based Sneaker Politics. Moving back to a near-monotone treatment to the upper, it considerably simplifies the silhouette — and I rather like them. Sneaker Politics also seem to be selling one of the GL 6000 ‘Marathon Pack’ under the ‘Patriot Pack’ nomenclature, which is confusing; I believe they’ve mixed up slightly — if anyone can clarify, please comment on FB or Twitter. Jump over to Sneaker Politics right now (after you’ve jumped here to check out more pics of this Red/Olive beauty). —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Cordura® — Insta Pump Fury, Pump Omni Lite, OXT Pump


Available to pre-buy from Hanon shop right now are these trio of retroboks featuring Cordura abrasion-resistant material. I’m very excited to see the 90’s OXT Pump trail shoe being retro’d, and I’m loving the monotone treatment to the Insta Pumps too. Hanon shop (UK) —BokOne

Pump Running Dual — ‘Suede Pack’?

3 very smart makeups of the Running Dual now available from Reebok UK, and no doubt many other global Reebok outlets. These could almost be called the ‘Suede’ pack, but Reeboks’ own online store doesn’t provide any details. Reebok UK. —BokOne