GL 6000 — Korea — 2 x more!

V54913-1 V54914-1

Blink and you’d miss them! Some more routine detective work led me to Reebok Korea where another 2 ‘unisex’ colourways have appeared, They haven’t appeared officially outside Korea as yet but there’s an sale…) . So, cue some more shots featuring Korean model/singer Sohee, some slightly crunchy GL 6000 statics I spotted at a ‘friends’ Facebook page, and another picture of Sohee being directed by a guy I think I may know 😉 Plenty more images after the jump! Reebok Korea. —BokOne 


sohee21003491_559750167415050_115840106_n 1012226_559750177415049_2054244074_n sohee1

1098088_10151493177101557_8611588_n 1098248_10151493124911557_1806634796_n sohee4

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