Gl 6000 – Red/Olive

Yet another colourway of the stability-focussed 1986 classic has just appeared over at US-based Sneaker Politics. Moving back to a near-monotone treatment to the upper, it considerably simplifies the silhouette — and I rather like them. Sneaker Politics also seem to be selling one of the GL 6000 ‘Marathon Pack’ under the ‘Patriot Pack’ nomenclature, which is confusing; I believe they’ve mixed up slightly — if anyone can clarify, please comment on FB or Twitter. Jump over to Sneaker Politics right now (after you’ve jumped here to check out more pics of this Red/Olive beauty). —BokOne 

Reebok_GL_6000_Red-Olive_Sneaker_Politics_2_9a7c8b8a-aea7-46f0-a871-b84aa5ca0364_1024x1024 Reebok_GL_6000_Red-Olive_Sneaker_Politics_3_6f29972c-e3cd-4f48-81d4-bb82af74e37e_1024x1024 Reebok_GL_6000_Red-Olive_Sneaker_Politics_4_1a18b576-ba40-4125-83dd-16dff087c5e3_1024x1024 Reebok_GL_6000_Red-Olive_Sneaker_Politics_5_d49737c3-245d-40a9-b96e-1ba52eaba4d2_1024x1024 Reebok_GL_6000_Red-Olive_Sneaker_Politics_6_c56995af-7339-4314-9a13-5ab4750721b0_1024x1024

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