Keith Haring X Reebok – Spring 2014 Collection

keith-haring-x-reebok-spring-2014-collection-preview-01 keith-haring-x-reebok-spring-2014-collection-preview-02 keith-haring-x-reebok-spring-2014-collection-preview-03 keith-haring-x-reebok-spring-2014-collection-preview-04

Doing away with some of the seemingly Jeremy Scott-inspired accoutrements from the previous Keith Haring collection, Reebok have unveiled this pack of retro ‘Boks due for release in 2014. I have a feeling the previous Haring collection didn’t go down so well (based solely on seeing them on sale frequently) so hopefully this cleaner more vibrant pack will be even better received. Info via Freshnessmag —BokOne

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