GL 6000 retro notes

Something I haven’t yet got around to pointing out is that the late-2012 and 2013 GL 6000’s have now done away with the split midsole as seen on the true OG’s from 1986. Shown below are the 2013 Vintages above a 2011 example pair of 6000’s —

I can understand Reeboks thinking here, as viewed from the inside the vertical midsole split on the older 6000’s was quite a stark and blunt piece of design (shown here on the 2010 retro —


The removal of this certainly helps in slimming down the lateral appearance of the 6000, it’s midsole certainly appears very tall. Reebok have also been applying the more accurate ‘stretched vintage’ logo to the LX 8500 Vintage pack, as well as the 2013 GL 6000 Vintage releases — something that I’m happy Reebok took notice of, following a previous Retrobok article 😉


OG DL 5000 logo (L) – Retro’d GL 6000 logo (R)

Reebok Classics are certainly doing a sweet job of getting these retros to point, I’m hoping in particular the stretched logo will continue to be applied to the most relevant retros. —BokOne

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  1. I dislike the dropping of the split midsole – it was one of the technical features of the shoe that made it interesting. My guess is that it is cheaper to make them this way – the midsole only needs cutting laterally, not vertically as well, saving a fair bit of time in manufacturing. I would still like to see a full retro, with pigskin, Scotchlite and a Goodyear Indy 500 sole.

  2. I like your no-compromise thinking there droo! I wonder if any retro by Nike/Adidas etc… is ever 100% at least in the details?…

  3. I collect mid-80s runners from Reebok and Adidas and very rarely are they 100%! That said, as the midsole was usually the main selling point in this era, it’s the bit they should get right! But extra points to Reebok for not going down the Adidas/Nike route of painting midsole pieces, rather than using different materials!

    The only 100% accurate repro I have is a pair of Adidas ZX600 – awesome! I hope the same for the DL 6000/5600/5000 that I hope Reebok will be releasing soon!

  4. Great to hear your feedback droo, and yes I really hope the DL series are on the Reebok ‘to do’ list 😀

    If you’re interested in a little feature of your collection here on Retrobok drop me an email at – would be great to see/feature your collection!

  5. It’s interesting that they’ve used the ‘proper’ midsole on the LX8500 retros. I’m guessing – as Droo mentioned – it’s a cost saving exercise on the cheaper GL’s?

  6. I just ordered a pair of these 2013 GLs in navy. I noticed them a few months back and put them on my list for autumn. I haven’t owned a pair of Reeboks since about when you could buy these new and can’t wait to get them on my feet.

    Very impressive site, this– I came across it when searching the ‘Phase 1’ tennis shoe and was happily surprised to see they finally retro’d the leather/nylon version. I never had these as a kid but always longed for them. For so long it seems all you could get were the all-leather variety. These are next on my list moving ahead of those grey LX8500s.

  7. Thanks BabyGerald, glad you like Retrobok – hope your orders make you happy!

  8. I just noticed that these new retros have the reptile effect stripes like the og, as well as the proper stretched logo. Strange that Reebok has improved the upper but done away with the OG style sole unit. Hmmm….