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GL 6000 — Biege/Yellow/Black


Curious. For once, there’s a new colourway of the GL 6000 that *isn’t* available yet on Reebok Korea. It’s not available from Reebok Japan either, instead appearing in an eBay UK advert I’ve just spotted, with the seller based in Hong Kong. They’re possibly available from the Reebok China website, but it’s currently inaccessible, and on previous attempts impenetrable to outsiders. However, I do have a feeling these may appear at Reebok Korea soon! 🙂 —BokOne

GL 1500 — Grey/Orange/Black


Reeboks ‘new’ retro-inspired casual/runner shoe the GL 1500 has had a trickle of solid colourways released, this being the most recent. With an upper mesh material which looks similiar to the GL 6000 Marathon Pack releases from earlier this year, this also runs a familiar colourway to a retro’d World Best shoe from 2012.

The World Best of course lent its outsole and midsole to the 1500 meaning this is a low and slim shoe (if you run tight in sizes, I’d consider hopping up a size to be safe). Click on for more pics of this, link to the store and its’ similiar World Best colourway. —BokOne 

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CL Trail — Blue/Yellow/Black

Here’s another colourway of the tweaked CL Trail shoe I posted up a few days ago. These photos show more clearly show the suede upper, layered with carbon-fibre-esque black overlays at the heel counter and toe wrap. Another minor detail difference from the 2012 editions are the tubular laces provided, instead of flat. Unique colourway it must be said! Not sure I’ve ever seen this combination on any other sneaker. Click on for more pics and jump to the UK stockists of this fine Winter-proof sneaker. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

3.V.O.7. x Reebok Classics


Taiwanese-American Actor/Singer/Director/Producer Van Ness Wu is the Creative Director of Reebok (Greater China Division), and under his 3.V.O.7. label comes this exceptional treatment to the 30th Anniversary Classic Leather. Mixing a multi-coloured Denim upper with Ostrich leather overlays, an ice-blue sole and 3.V.O.7. heart motifs results in one of the years finest collabs. Combined with what could be a very limited edition release in Taiwan, these could prove to be particularly exclusive for the collectors out there. Info and photos via Hypebeast, more images after the jump! —BokOne 

See also : G-Shock & Reebok Classic Leather celebrate joint 30th Anniversarys

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CL Trail — Black/Orange/Grey


At first I thought this was a bit of a surprise, but as it’s heading straight into Winter in the UK, it makes perfect sense. The 2012 CL Trail shoe – if you haven’t picked up a pair – is a superb all-weather shoe, with a sealed upper, fleece inner lining and an outsole inspired by the 80’s Fell Runner (well-spaced treads to avoid debris pickup).

With this 2013 pair, some of these treatments appear to have changed with the Eyestay/Crosscheck wrapover and sidestripes in what appears to be a suede material, and the inner lining losing the fleece. Also, the large-print Reebok on the rear midsole section has been dropped ; a shame in my opinion as it gave the CL Trail a particularly unique appearance. Whilst I’m not personally loving this colourway, you may and I’d definitely recommend you pick up a pair of CL Trails for your collection one way or another; a bit of a quiet modern classic if you ask me. More pics after the jump. These available now from Offspring UK. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Atmos X Jouetie X Reebok Classics — Pump Fury Womens


Pump Fury colourways are coming thick and fast towards the tail end of 2013, and considering that 2014 will be their 20th Anniversary (wow, time flies…) there’s no doubt there will be many many more on their way. This pair of Womens’ Furys run a matte black upper with purple, fluro-yellow and Leopard skin details. These are due on 20th November from Atmos Japan. More pics after the jump! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Head Porter X Reebok Classics


Hanon are reporting these forthcoming badboys, straight from Hugh Hefners’ bedroom closet by the looks of things — a collab between Japans Head Porter and Reebok Classics. Consisting of a Horse Hair upper (for real?), all over leopard print, off-white midsole and a choice of gold or black laces supplied, it appears that the 30th Anniversary year of the Classic Leather is not slowing down just yet. Available 26th October from 00:01 (that’ll be BST British Standard Time as Hanon is UK-based) keep your eyes on Hanon. More pics… yep you got it… —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Bodega X Reebok — CL Lux ‘U.S.B.D.G.A.’


Reebok Classics have brought Bodega onboard for another one of this years myriad limited edition Classic Leathers. Running with a ‘military team name’ concept, Bodega have created a fictional military unit “The Killer Bee Stingers” and mixed desert camo with honey-esque panels on the upper. Additional are ringed laceholes, heel pull tabs, and bespoke sockliner motifs — very nice work.

“Release is set for Saturday, October 19 at 12:01am EST online and via in-store raffle. Entry for the raffle begins for in-store customers tomorrow, 10/16, at 11am EST and closes on Friday, 10/18 at 6pm EST. Winners will be notified by Saturday and they have to pick up their pair by 4pm EST on Saturday. Retail is $130.”

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Swizz Beatz talks Classics with Complex TV

Swizz Beatz talked with Complex TV recently about Reebok Classics success and the next stage of its’ business game plan. Great to see him rocking some GL 6000’s — yep a new colourway, and screengrab below. He also reveals that Reebok (unclear whether Reebok global or Reebok Classics division) are ‘up 30% this year’ which is proof of their continued success, and bodes very well for the future. Click the image above or the link here to check the video > Complex TV —BokOne


BB 4600 Vintage


I haven’t heard much fanfare about the release of these Vintage BB 4600‘s, which is a real shame for a number of reasons. Firstly they were one of Reeboks’ earliest succesfull Basketball shoes born back in 1986 ; 3—4 years before the arrival of The Pump.

Secondly, Reebok Classics have done their on-point Vintage treatment on these with off-white midsoles, yellowed glue, and the accurate ‘stretched’ Reebok logo in the side window (non-OG colourways of the BB 4600 don’t get this treatment please note, a nice touch by Reebok Classics). Also, modern-day accoutrements such as ‘Reebok Classics’ on the tongue label have been removed, to heighten that OG authentic feel. And I absolutely love them, especially the Red/White — so 80’s they hurt!

The BB 4600 Vintage — a ‘quiet’ Classic then. Available now from Reebok UK.


Phase III — Red/Tetra Blue/White

A new colourway of the early 90’s Phase III runner has appeared over on Urban Industry, mixing primary Blues and Reds and a Suede/Synthetic upper. The bold colourway of this shoe matches up with similar colour blocking on recent Phase III retro’s. A nice touch – accidental or not – is that the recent Phase II colourways have gone a similiar route, but with more pastel colour choices. More pics after the jump. Buy now from Urban Industry. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 1500 — new colourways @ Reebok UK


2 very fresh colourways that myself and BokTwo had posted up here a few months back now have now appeared at Reebok UK. The white leather, I feel is a very smart and elegant makeup for this very new retro shoe (a mix of World Best outsole, with upper inspirations from the GL 6000 and Dash Runner) all following on from the other ‘new retro’ shoe, the ERS 1500.

The Red/White/Silver pair, as previously mentioned runs extremely true to the colourway of the 1988 ERS World Road shoe, a shoe that I owned (and cherished) back in the day and would love to see fully retro’d by Reebok Classics again in the future —

The GL 1500’s are available now from Reebok UK. —BokOne

Crooked Tongues X Reebok Classics — CL Leather Lux


This wild collab between Reebok Classics and Crooked Tongues mixes a faux-snakeskin upper, duotone gum outsole, whited out Reebok window and some ‘hidden details’ accoriding to CT themselves. Available now at Crooked Tongues and Titolo and I’m sure many other stores. Click on for more images! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Sole Trainer OG

V52238_L copyV52237_L copy

As part of Reebok Classics “Tech 90’s” campaign, and following directly on from a similar release pattern as the Ventilator and Inferno, comes the Sole Trainer OG. Originally released (at least in Europe) in 1990 as the Mantra HXL, this was a bold new step into a new decade with brand new Hexalite tech, aggressive styling and stitched-not-windowed Reebok branding on the upper. Read on for more info and colourways…  Read the rest of this entry

Phase III — Parsley/Burgundy, Blue/Green


Two new retro colourways for the 1990 Phase III — I think we’re all loving the Parsley/Burgundy/Silver pair which have a particularly 80’s vibe to them (something about Burgundy and Greys, mmmm….), while the Blue/Green are retro in a whole different way — but certainly good to have the light/dark colourway choice. Available now from Northern Threads (nothing like a retro ‘Bok running shoe being sold from a store in the North of England to be on point with Reebok nostalgia). Thanks to BokTwo for the heads up! More pics after the jump, go buy from Northern Threads —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry